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NSFW: Adanowsky – Would You Be Mine

30 Apr

Some psychedelic smut from the son of Alejandro Jodorowsky.

SUMAC – Hindu Kush

29 Apr

Kevin Rudolf ft. Flo Rida – You Make The Rain Fall

28 Apr

Over 1,000 plastic and metallic beads and Swarovski appliqué gemstones animated/rotoscoped.

Machu Picchu

27 Apr

An airplane pilot  unawaredly enters a shamanic flying zone, resulting in an almost fatal accident.

(Link: Daniel. Thanks!)

“Tiger Dreams” by Karin Park

26 Apr

Announcing a new twin site to the DailyPsychedelicVideo, on the DPV’s 5 year anniversary

25 Apr

Dear DPV Followers, world psychonauts, wherever you are,

Exactly five years ago, on April 25, 2010, the first post on the DPV has been published. At the time it was not clear whether one could find enough psychedelic videos to sustain a site which purported to publish a new psychedelic video every day. Since them, more than 2000 videos were published on the DPV, and we proud ourselves for being the biggest collection of psychedelic videos on the web.

Today, we wish to announce a new psychedelic project intended to answer another need felt by psychonauts around the world. Psychedelic Traveler is a website dedicated to psychedelic travel locations around the world: Places which are fun and inspiring to explore under the influence of a psychedelic mind alterant, or, more generally, places which evoke psychedelic sensibilities in psychedelically-aware individuals.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 13.16.00

In Psychedelic Traveler we hope to create a first-of-its-kind collection of recommended sites for psychedelic experiences and for psychedelic travelers – a comprehensive open-ended, community-based compendium of psychedelic locations around the globe.

Intrepid psychedelic travelers are highly interested in finding out about psychedelic gems to visit and immerse themselves in. Our hope is that in a few years Psychedelic Traveler will include hundreds of psychedelic travel recommendations, so that any psychedelic traveler on the road can easily search the database and find psychedelic locations in the area they are in.

We are looking for contributors! If you’ve traveled across the globe and discovered fantastic psychedelic locations, or if you’re hometown or country has a psychedelic location that the world’s psychonauts should know about, please contact us through the “Suggest a psychedelic location” link and let us know about them.

So be sure to visit us, and we hope you’ll like our new initiative. Let us know what you think! Here or on the new website.

And finally, for all those who weren’t there that day 5 years ago, when the DPV got started, here is the first video that was ever published on the site. The incredible Story from North America, which continues to be one of my favorite videos on the site to this day! (Original Post)



Balloon Land (1935)- Ub Iwerks

24 Apr

Take a journey to the clouds with friendly balloon creatures and trees that squeeze goo out of their noses. But watch out for that evil Pin Cushion Man!Ub-Iwerks

Ub Iwerks designed and co-created Mickey Mouse with his good friend, Walt Disney. After animating many of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons, including “Steam Boat Willie”, Ub and Walt had a falling out and Ub left to form his own studio. Iwerks Studio opened in 1930. Thank goodness!

a7ab0c43c548aa19146b3b52bdf77f61 (2014)

24 Apr

Full DJ set by Sydney Producer Eugene Ward featuring visuals from psychedelica’s bag of tricks and some nice eclectic house and techno. Check out the set-list taken from creating a fictional 90’s London label ‘White Link Recordings’ (including how he created fake biographic profiles for the ‘artists’). “These videos are not about metafiction, they’re about inspiring an emotional response based on sound pastiche and aesthetic direction.”
Read about the evolution of the project Here or check out Ward’s other videos. (The title is the MD5 code generated for the word ‘White’.)

The Naked and Famous – The Sun

24 Apr

Sensual, to say the least.

Swap Meet

23 Apr
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