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“Kokomo” by Black Dice

19 May


“Niko et la Berlue” by Uské Orchestra

31 Mar

Animation by Elena Pardo.

“Pillow” by Capitol K

27 Jan

“Have A Nice Trip” by The Tear Garden

11 Nov

“Neon Beanbag” by Stereolab

7 Oct

You will find lots of lovely nostalgic ‘xeroxdelia’ in this video for Stereolabs “Neon Beanbag”. Enjoy!

“The Rip” by Portishead

15 Jul

“Guru in the Echo” by Ghost

4 Mar

One common trait of all the many different things we consider psychedelic, is how the distinction between subject and object is no longer exclusive but becomes fluid. The video for “Guru in the Echo” by the japanese psychedelic legend Ghost does not feature an ‘object’ in the traditional sense at all. Enjoy!

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