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Liberation Animatrix

30 Dec

Since tomorrow is already new year’s eve, I will use this oportunity to wish a happy new year to all our psychedelic readers around the world. May you have a great psychedelic year!

M. C. Escher’s Infinite Staircase

29 Dec

Great animation presenting the famous Escher’s Infinite Staircase with a special ending…

Eskmo – We Got More

28 Dec

Cyriak tortures After Effects and this is what comes out. Hand fingers as bonus:

Jellyfish Dream

25 Dec

In the MediterraneanĀ  they are a pest, in Japan they are food, and for Isaac Gale they are graceful color stains, and the inspiration for Lazerbeak’s video “Dream Team”.


Something beautiful is hapenning in Russia

23 Dec

Another video of the trance tribe. This time from the 2008 total eclipse festival in the mountains of Russia. It’s all about being out there together brothers and sisters sharing ideas, love, and nature.

It’s all about experiencing a communal moment out of time:

Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit

21 Dec

Another trippy offering from Flying Lotus, this time visualized by lilfuchs. Note how at a certain point he uses the bulging eye effect from Love & Theft.

Jordan Kim’s Animation for “The Silhouettes” by Sam Prekop

19 Dec

What a lovely little thing!

Dry Fish

18 Dec

“Sometime you find yourself in a place that you just can’t explain and quite often it can be a little bit worrying. This animated short tells of one such occasion as our hero tries to express his feelings in the only way he can…”



The Japanese Popstars – Let Go

16 Dec
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