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0x4015 – Optical Circuit

31 Mar

This 4 kilobyte intro won 1st place in the TokyoDemoFest 2015
Download original executable.

The Art of Mind Blowing: Why We Need More Teachers (Official Music Video)

30 Mar

Miss Helix explains why education is a mind blowing job.

(Link: Nancy. Thanks!)

“Iceman” by The Monochrome Set

29 Mar


28 Mar


A harsh, glitchy, low-poly mash-up about an infected digital bird  glimpsing a coalescing future of nightmare scenarios for our species and environment.

“Celebration at Big Sur”- Baird Bryant and Johanna Demetrakas

28 Mar

“Celebration at Big Sur” is a 1969 film documenting the Folk Festival at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. You can find the entire film in bits on youtube and it’s available as a DVD. In this 9 minute clip, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young perform “Down by the River”. The performance starts at about 49 seconds into the clip, but there is a lot of good vintage hippy stuff before and after the music.

After spending last week travelling the California coast, I’m in total Pacific Ocean bliss. I love seeing all the aerial shots of the coastline in this film almost as much as I love David Crosby’s fringe jacket and Stephen Stills’ geometric poncho. The Esalen Institute is still around. You can sign up for self actualization workshops and retreats through their website.

I took these photos last year at a campground in Big Sur. You can see the bridge in the first photo in the aerial shots. What I didn’t get a photo of, was the terribly cute sea otter that would swim around the cove with a seagull perched upon his little belly.

IMG_2294 IMG_2360 IMG_2374


28 Mar

A friend of mine has told me he thinks this first one is a reference to a folk tale that involves a creature luring ordinary people out to the sea, appearing during a festival. He’s also told me that the vocalist’s accent is quite funny to most Swedes.

And this one is just a dream come true after having sat through a considerable number of stuffy church services growing up. Winner of a Grammy.

Thank you, Kyle, for introducing me.

Dream Sequences

27 Mar

Panda Bear – Boy Latin

26 Mar

A tour de force of psychedelic animation by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch, to music by Animal Collective.

The Soft Moon & Ron Robinson

25 Mar

Ron Robinson video clips for the American band “The Soft Moon” is an update of some underground ghosts, inventing shapeless, immaterial and epileptic images fragmented and tortured like raw matter : The World is in an Eternal boiling state.

– Total Decay


Dana Williams – One More

24 Mar

Feel the power of the flowers!
Directed and animated by Caleb Wood.

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