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The peyote scene from Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

30 Sep

The trip sequence was designed by Rob Zombie and features the song “Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls” by White Zombie.

Noah Creation scene

29 Sep

I don’t usually subscribe to the biblical story of creation, but in Darren Aaronofsky’s “Noah” it gets the kind of treatment that gives it just the right mythical/gnostic edge, and bestows it with startling ecological significance. This is nothing less than mesmerizing.


“Mind, Drips” by Neon Indian

28 Sep

Ayahuasca in Hollywood

27 Sep

In recent years it seems that ayahuasca appears in an increasing number of Hollywood features. After Nancy drank the sacred brew in Showtime’s Weed, after Jeniffer Aniston had a not very profound trip in the film Wanderlust and Daniel Craig had a sip in Cowboy’s aliens, now we found out that the father and savior of the human race, Noah (Russell Crowe), actually came upon the idea of his life-saving ark in an ayahuasca vision.

It is amusing to see that Hollywood embraces ayahusca visions so heartily. Now let us hope that some serious movies about the ayahuasca experience come from the industry.   And here is that Daniel Craig  scene…

Inside Me ( Nils Frahm – Me Rework)

26 Sep

solaris / Controlling liquids by mind

24 Sep


The man got to know other worlds, other civilizations, not knowing completely his own hides, alleyways, wells, blocked dark doors. S. Lem “Solaris”

Interactive installation demonstrates the field influence of the permanent magnet on the magnetic and spirit (fluorescent) liquids. Two liquids constitute the diphasic system. Due to liquids movements and their surfaces’ modifications we visualize the unique processes of human brain. The spectator wears on neuro interface Emotive Epoc, the device computes a brain activity and sends information to the installation machinery

To test the project people of different ages, social groups and professional areas were invited. Test results confirmed that brain activity and mood of the man reflect on the dynamic and character of liquids movements in the sphere. Object reacts on the changes of mind and emotion states. People who spent a plenty of time with the object managed to influence the dynamic and direction of the liquids on the unconsciousness level. We also reveal that the installation visualizes the temperament of the person. The object copies your mental organization and echoes it on the liquid’s surface. The object becomes a part of the participant


julia borovaya – idea curation
edward rakhmanov – robotic system, chemistry
::vtol:: – programming, electronics


prof. alexander kaplan – neurophysiology

Aachi & Ssipak (2006)

23 Sep

South Korean madness!

Sometime in the future, mankind has depleted all energy and fuel sources, however they have somehow engineered a way to use human excrement as fuel. To reward production, the government hands out extremely addictive, popsicle-like “Juicybars”, which in turn also makes them constipated. Aachi and Ssipak are street hoodlums who struggle to survive by trading black market Juicybars. Through a chain of events involving their porn-director acquaintance Jimmy the Freak, they meet a porn star named Beautiful, whose defecations are rewarded by exceptional quantities of Juicybars. For that reason, Beautiful is also wanted by the violent blue mutants known as the Diaper Gang (led by the Diaper King), the police (most notably the cyborg police officer Geko), and others.

Beyonce working it out

22 Sep

Some psychedelic vibes in Beyonce’s 2002 “Work it out” clip. Probably inspired by the Austin Powers vibe…

Captain Murphy

21 Sep

Enjoy the madness!

The Sudden Death of Stars ‘Supernovae’ (Official video)

20 Sep

Sacred geometry.


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