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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – OTO NO KUNI

1 Dec

Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas

27 Oct

Hyperreal, psychedelic still lifes by Takeshi Murata (for “Problem Areas” by Oneohtrix Point Never).

Peter Licht – Umentscheidungslied

20 Oct

Peaking Lights – Shift Your Mind

29 Sep

Path to Mnemosyne

8 Sep

Path to Mnemosyne is a trippy puzzle game by developer/publisher DevilishGames and it will make you travel the infinite zoom of memory.

Can I Call You Tonight – Dayglow

16 Jun

Super Weekend Mode

14 Apr

“More Dead” by Death Valley Girls

17 Feb

Raw psych punk by the Death Valley Girls. Trippy Video by Dylan Mars Greenberg.

“Colors” by Beck

3 Feb

“That New Funkadelic” by Ice Cube

20 Jan

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