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The Tale of How (2006) by The Blackheart Gang

The Blackheart Gang are a South African trio of artists. They are professionals earning their living making TV commercials, but in their free time they work on art projects of their own. Daily Psychedelic Video has already featured a Friskies commercial designed by the visual artists of the Gang.

The Vimeo channel has a making-of and many other impressive clips and commercials.

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giant soap bubbles

Beautiful things that look like magic are sure to go nicely with whatever state of conciseness you’re at; and there is that “being inside a bubble” feeling you know; and all those double rainbows and morphing shape… Yep, giant soap bubbles are psychedelic.

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Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Quantum physics challenges our normal daily perception of the world. scientist Rob Bryanton has a mind blowing video blog that tries to visualize these concepts, along with commentary on conciseness, language, human history and so on . Every video this genius posts turns me onto a dozen different directions, and of course, several other videos. so make sure you have enough time (althogh it seems that the flow of time is just an illusion: our way of sensing of the fourth spatial dimension. apparently we all have A LOT of time) and dive into his wonderful mind expanding blog:

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Blue Moon Path // ULTIMAYA 2010 //

Please view in HD !

Something arises. See if it can arise without a witness.  It’s not happening to you… There is nothing you need to change. Stand on your own. Like phenomena come, so they go… Only don’t give any image to this witness.  Examine thoughts’ credentials. Pay attention to the watcher.  See if the seer itself has a shape…      (Mooji)