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Karmalloween 2016 VJ Aftermovie by Lokomotion Drop

31 Oct

VJ visual showcase from a party in France.

Sébastien Tellier – “Look”

30 Oct

“Não Espero Mais” by O Terno

29 Oct

It takes a while until the video for O Terno’s “Não Espero Mais” reveals its psychedelic nature. But when it does, it demonstrates how trippy our daily use of modern communication media has become.

Kingdom Ocean – Thomas Blanchard

28 Oct

Another mesmerizing psychedelic masterpiece from Thomas Blanchard.

Takeshi Murata, Monster Movie, 2005

26 Oct

white_snake by Wasko AV

25 Oct

It’s a stylish op art snake!

Gold Body by Anna Kennedy

24 Oct

Traily video art by Anna Kennedy.

LSD and the Search for God – “Starting Over”

23 Oct

Unofficial music video for the song “Starting Over”, by shoegazing band, LSD and the Search for God.

With a band name like that, you know what you gotta be doing while listening to there music. I highly recommend them if your a fan of shoegaze.

“A Forest” by The Cure

22 Oct

Moodoïd – La lune

21 Oct

French psychedelic rock band Moodoid with another enchanting video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out also their amazing Je Suis la montagne.

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