Ido Hartogsohn, founder and editor in chief of the DPV, is a consciousness entrepreneur of electro-jewish descent. Hartogsohn is a PhD in psychedelic history. His PhD dissertation examines role of set and setting in shaping 1960s psychedelic research and culture. He has worked as Journalist for major Israeli newspapers and magazines such as Haaretz, Maariv, NRG, Ynet and Nana. In 2009 he published his book “Technomysticism: Consciousness in the Age of Technology” (Hebrew) which explored the interaction between technology, psychedelics and consciousness.  Hartogsohn has also been the originator of a number of psychedelic activism projects such as The Intergalactic Masters Course and the Geula Party.

Samas, settled in Lyon (France) in 1994 after completing a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience and a brief career in a Neuroscience and Sensory System Laboratory at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. He quit his work in the scientific lab in 2007. Since then, he settled in several artistic labs and artistic performance experiences. He has been engaged with screen process, drawing and photography where he focused on fractals and organic mandalas, but also in video editing and Live Video. He is part of the multidisciplinary collective Ultimaya which, following the inspiration of several groundbreaking figures of the field (for example “I am a strange loop” by Douglas Hofstadter) is dedicated to exploring the phenomenon of consciousness through visual feedback and its variation: …Strange loops…  Observe the Observer…

Aleksander Marcic (7eit) was born in Aachen, Germany in 1981, close to the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2002 he is studying the Science of Theater, Film and Television, Historical Information Science and Philosophy in Cologne. He has focused on the philospophy of Deleuze, Nietzsche, Marx, Freud, Benjamin, Bergson and Adorno. Lately he is looking a lot into his books by Hegel, Kant, Leibniz and Spinoza trying to figure out what got lost in the conflicts of materialism and idealism and should be remembered in the discussion of mediascience. He enjoys a good cup of coffee, plays videogames and listens to music… a lot.

Boaz Yaniv, is a poet and one of the editors of “Daka-Journal for poetry and criticism”. He is a psychonaut who tries to transform the other world’s knowledge into social and political activism. Currently writing from Tel-Aviv. After studying Literature and Linguistics in Ben-Gurion university (which is in the south of Israel), he chose life over academics. He believes that even though psycho active substances show you a quick way to the other worlds there are many other ways to get there, and in fact the other worlds are always present around us.

Holographic Elf, is a fractal explorer from the concrete forests of Finland. Occult practice is vital to him, but due to the Finnish tradition having died long ago, he has had to turn to foreign ones, such as Christianity and even tantric yoga. He has a never ending curiosity for little-known subjects like the use of psychedelics throughout the history of Christianity and the cultivation of sexual energy as spiritual practice.

The Elf has a keen eye on animators, who have woven psychedelic magic into their films and has a lot of material to post, although it might not always be the healthiest sort. Be vigilant and enjoy the endless holographic archives of the Elf-world.


Youval Katz has been exploring the dimension of psychedelic videos and visual art for the past five years. He has performed as a VJ and arranged various mind-expanding video screenings in Israel. When he isn’t searching the web for new psychedelic videos, he builds websites for a living and explores his own subconscious and existence with Yoga, Meditation and bi-neural beats.


Eren Kapaklili lives in Montreal, Canada. He is a self-taught graphic designer with an educational background in communications and philosophy.

Near the end of his studies he was fortunate enough to find peace in the marketing industry at N/A – a new kind of marketing agency with a singular goal: to connect people and brands in ways that affect positive social change.
His experiences with psychedelics have become the primary inspiration for his aesthetic taste and style. Find him on his personal blog on tumblr.


Trixy Wattenbarger lives in Los Angeles, CA with her handsome husband and too many cats. An animator, painter, ceramicist and performer, she earned a BFA in Studio Art  from the University of Texas at Austin and a MFA in Experimental Animation from The  California Institute of the Arts. As an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, she teaches animation production, experimental techniques and ideation classes. Trixy is a big fan of psychedelic expressions especially in the realms of animation, video art and bizarre commercial experiments.


Roy Aston is a digital artist working with video feedback loops, biological footage and generative art. He believes that psychonautics and psychedelics are crucial for the evolution of culture, and have been steadily seeding our entertainment media. Having studied Media, Technology, Film and Fine Arts in Sydney, he has developed interests in the potential of emerging technologies as new sites for creatives to induce and augment psychedelic experiences. He is also fascinated with the world’s occult practices and transcendental traditions, mind/eye bending videos, and is a science-fiction fiend.


Renegadesalmon is from the Upper Midwest, and currently a bit of a hermit. After finishing his degree in philosophy and psychology he spent more than a year wandering around New Zealand and Asia, showing other hostel residents his collection of music videos whenever the moment was right. Now he finds himself training to be a crop duster and keeping himself sane in smalltown America by writing, sketching, browsing, and getting to know the locals who have affectionately dubbed him “The Hippie.” Where it’s all leading is anyone’s guess, he says, but it’s been a trip so far and quite a good one.

Michal Vexler (Vexyvex), former editor in chief of the DPV, studied visual communication at Bezalel Academy of Art And Design and Hermeneutics and Culture at Bar-Ilan University. Teaches typography and history of  design in several colleges in israel. Lives in Tel-Aviv, but her mind travels.


Clearfield is from the U.S. east coast and is interested in the ability of music and video to translate transcendent experience into 3-dimensional space.

His metaphysical maps include vedanta, kundalini yoga, and zen. He believes in the use of entheogens for evolution of consciousness and looks forward to the coming end of our barbaric prohibition era. His game involvements are in the field of graphic design.

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