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Chinese Man presents : Matteo – Zolfo

23 Jul

LSD Trip Simulation Replication [Accurate POV]

22 Jul

Good night tunes for the wicked and free

21 Jul

By the master of destruction Yaniv Willbear Fruits Schonfeld

TAS Visuals: Grandfather’s Icaro – An Ayahuasca Dream

20 Jul

Song is Maneesh de Moor – Grandfather’s Icaro (TAS Remix). Original from the album “Icaro” by Maneesh de Moor.

Neo & Planeto – Ultima (animation by Oron Aiche)

19 Jul

Lucid Express – Wellwave

18 Jul

Hakol Yafeh Labsamim Josh Lauffer with Elijah Eskin

17 Jul

Beautiful psychedelics song and video by Josh Lauffer with Elijah Eskin, quoting some biblical quotes about rolling the perfumes of temple (read: smoking utensils)

Entangled Mind Downtempo Journey Set – Actualize Visuals All Original Art Mix

16 Jul

Some great artists collabing together on a full hour long set of art and music

Synesthetic forest walk (Psychedelic replication)

15 Jul


14 Jul

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