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Can’t get you out of my head – Adam Curtis

31 Jul

If history can be psychedelic it is Adam Curtis that makes it so. The big master of historical narrative, montage, jump cuts, and archival materials was back this year with a new masterpiece exploring everything that went wrong with the world since 1945 and why it did so. Ambitious, pretentious, and exceptionally beautiful and moving – if you haven’t watched it, you definitely should.

DARK/The Surrealist — Origami [Official Music Video]

30 Jul

Acid Trance Mix Original 2 (2K 60FPS UHD)

29 Jul

Moon #2

28 Jul

by Ori Zornitzer

Tales from the Trip S01E37: Trevor Wallace Tripped on Salvia with His Frat Bros

27 Jul

Trevor experienced the zipper effect.

Upgrade & Vegas – La vida

26 Jul

Godflesh – Slavestate

25 Jul

Dum Maro Dum ~ Hare Krishna Hare Ram 1971 old

24 Jul

Some groovy 1970sIndian psychedelia with a Hare Krishna vibe.

Chinese Man presents : Matteo – Zolfo

23 Jul

LSD Trip Simulation Replication [Accurate POV]

22 Jul
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