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Holographic Elf selection for best of DPV 2013

31 Dec

Here is my selection for the best videos featured on DPV in 2013.

Dóra Keresztes & István Orosz – Wizards / Garabonciák (1985)

I love this type of folk art style. Some scenes remind me of the work of Finnish Kaarina Staudinger-Loppukaarre (1911-2013)

The following videos were released in 2013:

Simon Haiduk: Calling the Others

A surprisingly successful combination of static artwork and motion graphics. The motion graphics manage to make the details of the artwork come alive in a pleasant and subtle way. The Youtube uploader (vid in original post) has taken a lot of liberties in naming the video “DMT animation” when it is intended by the artists as a “meditation for soul ignition, third eye and heart activation, through metaphysical interpretation.” Artwork by Simon Haiduk with one additional piece by David Heskin, music by Dréa Drury.

Hand-Drawn Animation by Micah Buzan for “Look… The Sun Is Rising” by The Flaming Lips

Micah has a nice toony world and style with very fluid morphing and motion, which at times brings to mind Bruce Bickford.

Submergence 01
Final version:

Very hippie-friendly dangling light show with different modes of tripping. The “Ecstatic” mode is so strong you have to sit down.

Shugo Tokumaru: Katachi

Making of:

Works like this would have been quite work intensive in the old days. From the making of we can see how much modern software speeds up the process. Theoretically one might do a project like this with a shoestring budget as these days even some libraries have CNC machines for public use.

The Best 20 Psychedelic Videos of 2013

30 Dec

[[For more of the best psychedelic videos of 2013 click here]]

This year, for the second time, we present you with the psychedelic video Oscars for 2013. After watching around 400 videos which were published on the Daily Psychedelic Video in 2013 (around 30 hours of psychedelic viewing!!!) we chose the 20 best videos of the year (and also included some of those which came close).

Psychedelic Music Clips

Cirrus – Bonobo

Cyriak, the web’s mad genius of consciousness-altering visuals, deconstructs 1950s style visuals and creates a complex swirling web of hypnotic disorientation.  (Orignal post).

Libynthth – It’s my beak

A bunch of ducks party wildly and colorfully in a video which reeks of pure mischievous fun. (Original post).

Carpet – Nearly Four

A powerful music clip by Andreas Zimmer to a track by Carpet, with some masterful use of special effects. (Original post).

Anamanaguchi – [MEOW]

This is how it feels to trip in the arcade on a Saturday night. A delightful video to a track by Anamanaguchi. (Original post).

Beta Band – Wonderful

The psychedelic typography to the Beta Band’s “Wonderful” is highly synesthetic and makes this video into a veritable psychedelic love song. (Original post).

Vial of Sound – Lifetime passed

Ori Toor animates a track by Vial of Sound with his unique and mesmerizing style of animation. (Original post).

Some videos that almost made it…

Digital Me goes on a psychedelic bike ride in Tel Aviv.

Rendezvous with a new luminescent and highly psychedelic clip.

Some amazing high-definition images of psychedelic nature.

Azealia Banks, strikes back with a roaring video, bursting with energy and shamanic force.

A rocking polyphonic symphony of natural sounds and clips in this clip by Coldcut.

Psychedelic Animation 

Cartoon Network Summer Indent 2013

A deliciously psychedelic cartoon world in this video short from cartoon network. (Original post).

Jack Fried – The Deep End

Jack Fried’s uniquely multi-layered videos take the viewer on a journey into the genealogical realms of the subconscious. (Original post).


Psychedelic Nature films


Bird Ballet

The birds in the sky perform a majestic dance. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the spectacular movement of the flock, and feel yourself dissolving with the multitude which is one. (Original post).

Other favorites

A weird looking spider performs a spectacular shamanic dance.


Psychedelic Visuals


Mineral Beings – Nightdriver

An incredible journey through enchanted fractal realms. (Original post).

Ben Ridgway – Cosmic flower unfolding

Ben Ridgway creates a mesmerizing landscape of phosphorescent mandalic underwater flowers. (Original post).

Burning man time lapse 2013

Burning man festival in fast forward as seen from the heights of Peak Trego. Amazing vistas of movement, shadows, winds and miniscule trucks driving around the playa. The part from around 2:30 looks like the future of humanity as a futuristic intergalactic civilization in space. (Original post).

High Contrast – Spectrum Analyser

A masterful use of the glitch effect which mixes animals and computer imagery into a kicking techno-shamanic journey. (Original post).


Psychedelic Short films

Bianca Giaever – The scared is scared

This is quite possibly the cutest film I’ve ever seen. Bianca Giaever asked a six year old what her movie should be about, then she went about and followed her instructions word for word. Language creates reality.(Original post).


N.A. Brummbaer – Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary

N.A. Brummbaer send us on a fantastic journey in search of Timothy Leary. (Original post).

Other favorites

An powerful combination of stunning imagery, dubstep and an inspirational speech.

A short video which succeeds in capturing something very allusive about the character of hallucinations.


Psychedelic Commercials


A hyper-colorful commercial for the SLPASH animation effect. (Original post).

Shilo – Premier Global Services “Paper Airplanes”

A magical commercial for an eMarketing company takes paper-planes to the new level. (Original post).

Other favorites

Flying Lotus & Adult Swim’s ‘Lilfuchs’ short animation in honor of the new Moog Sub Phatty.


Psychedelic Web Videos

We are Machines – Electric Sheep

A music video to a track by We Are Machines mixes some powerfully evocative imagery. (Original post).

Meditative Psychedelic Videos


Calling the others

Meditative DMT vistas… (Original post).

Other favorites

A fractal wormhole journey.

Experimental Psychedelic videos

Plastic bags love story – Ave

A night walk in the windy streets of Tel Aviv turns into a ecstatic-meditative journey, following the magical encounter of two plastic bags who wonder the streets together, going on and on in a mystical cyclical bag dance. And for a moment the whole street seems to wake up with vibrant life – joining them in a communal dance of bags, feathers,  flowers and even a butterfly. (Original post).

Best pre-2013 psychedelic videos published in 2013

[Some of the best psychedelic videos which were featured on the DPV in 2013 were created in 2012 or previous years, and don’t appear on this list. Click here to check out the best pre-2013 psychedelic videos  which appeared on the DPV in 2013]

“Sprout and the Bean” by Joanna Newsom

29 Dec

Joanna Newsom crafts fragile psychedelic folk tunes. Both music and lyrics to “Sprout and the Bean” are reminiscent of the solo work of Syd Barrett in their childlike, magical simplicity and playfulness. The video accompanies this very well with its chalk animations and the empty classroom and enchanted woods settings.

N/A Brummbaer – Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary? (And other videos)

28 Dec

N/A Brummbaer’s YouTube channel is bursting with brilliant and mesmerizing computer-generated visions. “Where in the Universe is Timothy Leary?”  goes into the rabbit hole, searching for the lost guru of LSD, and finally reaches the only possible conclusion – “Question authority and think for yourself” – The real Timothy Leary is inside yourself.

Other favorites  include a very original take the question of crop circles:

And also one of the finest fractal universes I’ve ever been to:

Abuela Grillo

27 Dec

Animated short-film produced in The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. By The Animation Workshop, Nicobis, Escorzo, and the Community of Bolivians Animators and is supported by the Danish Government.

Animated by 8 bolivians animators, directed by a french, Main song “chillchip parita” written and composed by the bolivian ambassador in France, Luzmila Carpio, composed by another french, a danish project, hepled for the production by a mexican and german. Adaptaded from ayoreo myth.

Hot Chip- Over and Over

26 Dec

Transcend the Box – a live projection mapping performance

25 Dec

From my point of view, this is close from THE apotheosis !

An epic adventure that completely destroys the concepts of thinking “inside/outside the box” and brings us to a new understanding that there is no box. and never was.

No One Remains Virgin: Under the Lion Crotch

24 Dec

Don’t try to make sense of it, just go with the (seminal) flow.

WeAreMachines – Electric Sheep

23 Dec



“The Timps” by Om Unit

22 Dec
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