Archive | August, 2022

Take My Muffin S01E03

31 Aug

Tales from the Trip S01E65: Life Became a Video Game When Fenix Flexin Dropped Acid

30 Aug

It seems amazingly common for kids in the US to trip at school.


29 Aug

We all went a little crazy in 2020, after all….

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Is it Me or is it You?

28 Aug

The Smile – Free in the Knowledge (Official Video)

27 Aug

DOPE LEMON – Uptown Folks

26 Aug

Avey Tare: Ms. Secret

25 Aug

Music video directed by Jack Kubizne.

Take My Muffin S01E02

24 Aug

Hot Flash Heat Wave: Raindrop

23 Aug

Music video directed by BOREDOM.

Facts that are Completely Untrue (video by Joey Borovicka)

22 Aug
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