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Fractalicious 3 (2016)

10 Jan



loveletter 恋文

26 Dec


amorous ephemeral internet apparitions…

Minas Mandel

19 Dec


Fractals from Middle-Earth by Julius Horsthius set to ‘Isengard Unleashed’ by composer Howard Shore.

Bloc Party

24 Oct

Seems like these guys have a pretty serious budget for animation and are not afraid of variety.

No Brain

17 Oct

There are many flavors of psychedelia, and one–I think–is thoughtlessness. In these videos, there’s not too much to contemplate, but I’d say each is a pleasure to watch. Though I can’t recall the source, a few simple words from an album review still stick with me years and years later, “Give your brain the night off.” This weekend I provide you with three samples of 3D animation to do just that.

Mike Luck – Cityscape

28 Feb
WannaPlayDaily.com had these words from director Maxmana: “For this Music Video for Mike Luck I wanted to create a video game like drive journey through the desert landscape at 6 O’Clock in the morning. It was made ​​to be projected or spanned over three screens. so if you happen to own a triple-head to go and have 3 screens attached, give it a wirl would you?”
I think he very much succeeded. I encourage you to watch it in full screen and crank the speakers up just a touch.

Psycho City (Vince Collins, 2014)

30 Dec

Legendary 1970s acid animator Vince Collins with his garish modern style still manages to trip out.

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