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“The Alchemist”s Letter” – by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

13 Jan
This video may have flown under the radar. I’ve only seen it in a few mixes, but oh my, does it hit hard :’)

Off the Air: Family (S11E01)

10 Jan

Aired in 2021.

List of videos in this episode:

Road Trip by Darío Alva
Horsin’ in the V.O.I.D. (credited as Horsin’ in the Void) by Dave Biddle
“2.02 Killer Year” music video by Sophie Koko Gate, Jack Wedge and Will Freudenheim (latter uncredited)
Dinner Time by Maylee Todd and Kyvita
“All of a Sudden” music video by Laraaji
4orm (credited as Train Ride) by world4Jack (credited as Jack)
Family Supper by Dan Streit, starring Kerwin Frost
Laughing Stock by Derrick Guerin, Fraser Jones, Anthony Banua-Simon, Danielle Slaughter, Terence Chiyezhan and Alexandra O’Driscoll

This episode was guest curated and produced by Cole Kush.

“Chrysalis & Cocoon” AV Journey Set by Pura Scout + Mezmer

10 Jun

All audio is original works by Pura Scout. All visuals are original artwork or licensed content by Mezmer.

NotLö – Hallucination Effect

17 Sep

Cherry Blossom (Official Music Video) Benji Robot

9 Jul

PNAU – Go Bang (Official Music Video)

9 Apr

Feadz – Metaman (Official Video)

12 Feb

I just stumbled across this cool one from 2014. Some nice holy mountain recreation among some other wild 3D symbols

Video directed by Noah Spidermen

Mara – Altair

31 Jul

Dark and luscious 3D renders, mixed well

[BRDG019] HiDM2_9 [by Yasuyuki Yoshida]

14 Nov

Music by umio

The Super Zoom (Pedro Machado)

7 Oct


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