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The Eighth – tallJENNY

30 Sep

Peaking Lights – Shift Your Mind

29 Sep

Eric Andre – THUNDERCAT – “Tron Song” I $5K Music Videos

28 Sep

Chip Jacks – Roll Out East – (Plaid Inashed Remix)

27 Sep

Enjoy a peaceful black and white fractal journey ~

Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest – The Movie

26 Sep

“Compiling fan-made/official videos and visions on “Tomorrow’s Harvest” album by Boards of Canada.”


Rona Kenan – Mot Ha’tapuz

25 Sep

Beautiful song w. simple yet moving animation – morning to evening, to morning, to evening…

Flailingly So

24 Sep

Animation and effects by Igor Goryunov / tadeush

Pavel – Avalon (ft. Hyper Opal) (vid: Morgan Beringer)

23 Sep

Yet another brilliant video from Morgan Beringer Studios!

Sayonara Wild Hearts

22 Sep

ואדים מכונה – פתוח על מאתיים // VADIM MECHONA – X200

21 Sep
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