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“Pacific Light” by Rus Khasanov

28 Mar

Donald Hugh: Hymn

16 Jan

Music video by Benjamin Portas.

Yello: Frautonium (Lombok Remix By Ian Tregoning)

1 Jan

Animation by Dirk Koy.

“The Shield” by Biosphere

30 Jul

More Electric II (2014)

13 Jun


Ambient drone sounds reflect off the primitive shapes, conducting electricity.
A meditative piece by Shusaku Kaji for Japan’s digital video festival, DOTMOV.

Tipper Ambient Set @ CoSM – Jan 4, 2015

17 Mar

Visuals are Johnathan Singer’s live manipulation of the artworks of Alex & Allyson Grey. Performed at The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Thor Reinhardt’s audio-visual meditations

5 Aug

Musician and therapist Thor Reinhardt creates “tools for the modern digital shaman” using the software Particle Systems.


Expanding Mind

Behind the Clouds

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