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31 May

This isn’t really a video in the normal sense of the world. More like an interactive video. However Infinite Oz, Verizon’s psychedelic rendition of sceneries from the sci-fi series Tin Man is just so amazing I had to feature it here.

Check it out here – Infinite Oz

(Link: Moris Oz. Thanks!)

Sesame Street 1-20 Raga

30 May

Psychedelic numbers from Sesame Street. The most relaxing mathematics lesson ever.

(Link: Yonatan Levi. Thanks!)

‘Altered States’ Trip

29 May

The zenith of a mind blowing psychedelic trip. This one is from the incredible movie “Altered States” directed by Ken Russell (1981). The film is loosely based on the pioneering work of isolation tanks pioneer John Lilly, who was also a sedulous psychonaut and conducted some of the world’s most interesting psychedelic research of his time by using psychedelic drugs in combination with lengthy periods of isolation inside isolation tanks – a practice sure to arouse some hyper-psychedelic results.  This particular clip is saturated with esoteric and symbolic content, some of it rather dark in nature, however I find it to be very revealing.

Johannes Itten’s colors wheel

28 May

All those colors! Johannes Itten (1888-1967) was a german Bauhaus artist who was also a mystic interested in esoteric doctrines. He spent his life meditating on colors, trying to decode the spiritual meaning and order of colors using color wheels and diagrams. His book The Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color explores the philosophical and even religious meaning of colors.

In this video you can see the Itten’s color wheel developing from the primary colors to the secondary colors of first order, to the secondary colors of secondary order.

Colors are frequencies seen by the eye. When we see them, we actually see a code embedded in the world. In the psychedelic experience we often experience colors more vividly than usually, experiencing them as entities engulfing us in this world. This brings us closer’s to Itten’s ideas of penetrating the world of colors and appreciating visual perception for what it is – an act of mystic concentration.

For this reason I find Itten’s work to be very psychedelic. Enjoy!

Of Montreal – Grolandic Edit

27 May

“I guess it would be nice to give my heart to a god / but which one, which one do I choose”

Psychedelic Gaga?

26 May

Is Lady Gaga psychedelic? According to the most stringent criteria she most certainly is not. She is an extreme product of consumer culture and indeed she does not seem to overtly reference psychedelics or psychedelic culture in her work. Still, watching the amazingly surreal abundance of images, symbols and colors which streams from the screen while watching her music clips, there does indeed seem to be something psychedelic about her – Although admittedly pertaining to a very dark strain of psychedelia which we will most certainly be sure to explore here in the future.

Psychedelic or not, one thing is for sure, watching this video clip while under the influence can prove to be a highly revelatory experience. The only question is: who is being revealed?

The David Lynch Micra commercial

25 May

This commercial gives me the creeps, there is something distinctly eerie about it (Well, it was directed by David Lynch, so what can you expect?) but it is also quite inspirational and psychedelic in its own unique way. Do you speak Micra?

Albert Hofmann’s bicycle trip reanimated

24 May

This is how it must have been on that crucial day on April 16th 1943, in the middle of WWII, when Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann accidentally poured LSD on himself and  inadvertently became the  the first LSD user, actually startkicking the psychedelic movement. The bicycle trip, which became the most famous bicycle trip ever, was actually 3 days later, on the 19th of April, when Hofmann took his second and much stronger LSD dose, but who cares. Beautiful animation! Perfect for an LSD trip, I guess.

(Link: Ingrid Sherman. Thanks!)

Psychic TV – Godstar

23 May

Amazing psychedelic music clip by the incredible video art and music group Psychic TV.

Thank God to Aleksander Marcic for sending this cool link.

Superjail’s Psyhcedelic Trip

22 May

It does not get anymore trippy than this one. Superjail, a series described as psychedelic on Wikipedia, gives us an extreme hypertrip full of shiny colors and references to Yellow Submarine and Timothy Leary.

(Link: Avi Graiver. Thanks!)

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