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“Niko et la Berlue” by Uské Orchestra

31 Mar

Animation by Elena Pardo.

Slugabed ‘Sun Too Bright Turn It Off’

29 Mar

A nice colorful look at retro electronica and lofi

“Pacific Light” by Rus Khasanov

28 Mar


MUTATION – RubberLegz & James Gregg

27 Mar


26 Mar

Spongebob headtrip.

Creative Direction: Raca Falkenbach
Animation Direction: Ricardo Máximo
Art Direction: Átila Meireles

Animation: Daniel Rodrigues, Fernando Finamore, Ricardo Máximo, Bia Leme
Illustrations: André Juventil
Coordination: Thábata Eleutério

“Story of Flowers” Botanical animation

25 Mar

LCD Soundsystem – oh baby (Official Video)

23 Mar

This is such a special video for me, because it embodies both intelligence and strong love. It’s also pretty much mind-blowing in that weather it is actually possible or not, the way it’s portrayed in the video is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Jonathan Zak for introducing me to this wonderful piece of content, and thank you my love for this reminding me of you.

Vini Vici – The Tribe (Original Mix)

22 Mar

Fanmade video of Vini Vici – The Tribe

Meatbingo – What, in today’s world? (Official music video by AVD78)

21 Mar

Boston 168 – Oblivion And Vapor

20 Mar
Crazy story and visuals by David Vandervoort – Pinched
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