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OTT // Blumenkraft – Smoked

30 May

Very good psychill music, and an interesting vjay stuff !

Felix the Cat Woos Whoopee (1928)

29 May

Gotta have that cartoon psychedelia once in a while. Though Felix is having alcohol induced delirium visions in this one – and during the prohibition!

Turkish Coffee – Arik Einstein clip by Dudu Geva

28 May

Dudu Geva was one of Israel’s foremost comics artists. His style was chaotic, radical and very psychedelic. Geva created this video to Arik Einstein’s song “Turkish Coffee” in 1974. It is the first Israeli music video, and has a strong 1970’s psychedelic style. The actor in the clip is Geva himself, incidentally.

Snow Cannon

27 May

…one of my favourite otherworldly experiences on YouTube.

Video by Synopsis
Music by Steve Roach
Graphics by Denise Gallant and Brian Samuels

Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe & Super Bass

26 May

Hip Hop artist Nicki Minaj has been noted for her psychedelic wardrobe and style . Like other pop artists which were featured here on the DPV such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kesha and Rihanna,  Minaj uses psychedelic elements in her work and proves that the psychedelic style holds great appeal for today’s popular culture.  Even though the message of her videos is far from psychedelic, the visuals are blatantly pyschedelic, which makes me think once again about the way in which psychedelic aesthetics has migrated into exceedingly different segments of popular culture, and ask myself about the role which psychedelic aesthetics play in such an environment.

Anyway, enjoy the clips.


25 May

Video by Wiley Wiggins, music by The Octopus Project.

Pineal Gland Activator

24 May

This video claims to access and activate your pineal gland, and their site claims to do anything from pineal gland activation to worl peace. 

I don’t know, I just found the changing colors nice and the idea freaky enough to let you know 😉 

The psychedelic festival of lanterns in Taiwan

23 May

Held on the first full-moon night of the lunar year, the Lantern Festival is commonly regarded as one of the most important and romantic festivals in Taiwan. The festival is celebrated with lantern making, lantern riddle games, and displays of glittering decorative lanterns.

The origin of the festival lies in the festive activities of an agricultural people celebrating the lengthening of daylight hours and the coming of spring after the New Year. Other legends have it that the festival was actually started by an emperor of the Han dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.), who was a devout Buddhist and who ordered his people to display lights on the fifteenth night of the first month of the lunar year to pay respects to Buddha. According to the same legend, holding torches or lanterns on this night makes it easier to see deities descending from heaven to give blessings to the earth. Yet another legend has it that in the Tang dynasty, the emperors would celebrate the festival by ordering hundreds of beautiful women to sing and dance with lanterns in the brightly lit plaza. These festive activities gradually spread to the common people and developed into the most popular festival in the year after Chinese New Year. The festival is also called the Little New Year. In the old days, these festivities, together with the celebrations for the Chinese New Year, would last for as long as forty-five days. Nowadays the festival lasts for a week.

Andrew Lyons – “Loucid” & “Heisenberg”

22 May

These audio-visual compositions by Andrew D. Lyons are from 2001 and 2002. The visuals were constructed in Houdini.

Game of Thrones Opening

21 May

The game of thrones opening is just mesmerizing.

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