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Tales from the Trip S01E46: Riley Reid’s Three Tab Acid Trip Got Her Stuck in a Time Glitch

30 Nov

This one has a bit of a psychedelic emergency and even Riley’s mom doing remote tripsitting.

Airan Wright- Ancestral Interference (vid: Flex Your Love Muscles)

29 Nov

Faust – Morning Land

28 Nov

אמגושא – Ahavt Hinam Yishuv Hadaat

27 Nov

A highly peculiar outlandish psychedelic video by ultra-orthodox Breslav Hasids singing about Jewish spiritual work but somehow also having some Hindu and Tao symbols flying nearby

Ametsub – Repeatedly [Mille Plateaux]

26 Nov


24 Nov

Off the Air: Dreams (S10E02)

23 Nov

Aired in 2020.

List of videos in this episode:

“Sick Of Being Honest” music video by Mike Diva
“Into Promenade” music video by Yoshi Sodeoka (credited as a short)
Terror Fervor by Phoebe Parsons
Dream World Fun World by Render Fruit
2 Lizards – Episode 2 by Orian Barki and Meriem Bennani
“Very Noise” music video by Meat Dept.
Dream Of A Dog by Maddie Brewer
Tofu Chan – Love Is A Fractal by Dylan Jones and Joset Gatti
Dreams by Anna Firth

Fire-Toolz – Thick_flowy_glowy_sparkly_stingy_pain.mpeg

22 Nov

Still more inspired work from the mind of Angel Marcloid.

KID A MNESIA Exhibition Trailer

21 Nov

Paul McCartney, Beck – Find My Way (Official Video)

20 Nov

Paul McCartney has a new deepfake video where the 79 year old singer is digitally cloned on the image of Beck. The video features psychedelic visuals, but most of all I found it quite uncanny and unheimlich

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