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Tales from the Trip S01E67: Meeting a Mississippi Mayor on Shrooms (ft. Grandson)

27 Sep

A pleasant trip on the beach.

Tales from the Trip S01E66: Scumbag Dad Partied with Lil Jon and Melissa Ong on Shrooms

13 Sep

TikTok comedian has a rather wholesome trip in Las Vegas.

Tales from the Trip S01E65: Life Became a Video Game When Fenix Flexin Dropped Acid

30 Aug

It seems amazingly common for kids in the US to trip at school.

Tales from the Trip S01E64: Tripping on Shrooms Almost Made Cherdleys’ Friend Chop His Own Genitals Off

16 Aug

Features a surprising way to distract someone from self-harming.

Tales from the Trip S01E63: Kyle Gordon Learned Why You Should Never Mix Acid and Adderall

2 Aug

A bummer trip, but the illustrative animations are amazing as usual!

Tales from the Trip S01E62: Taking Way Too Much Acid at the Family Trip to Burning Man (ft. Oliver Tree)

19 Jul

Teenage freak-out in the desert.

Tales from the Trip S01E61: Why Tripping on Shrooms & Doing Stand-Up Don’t Mix (ft. Che Durena)

5 Jul

Wholesome healing tripping.

Tales from the Trip S01E60: Did Yung Gravy’s DMT Trip Cause an Earthquake?

14 Jun

Heavy time dilation experience in this one.

Tales from the Trip S01E59: Zack Holmes Learned Why You Don’t Accept Mystery Liquid X

31 May

Sometimes it might be a good idea to just say no.

Tales from the Trip S01E58: Duncan Trussell Deleted Himself From Existence on 5-MeO-DMT

17 May

Breakthrough story from Duncan.

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