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Eight Grade

30 Jun

by gloobysworld

Tales from the Trip S01E35: Acid Betty’s Shroom Trip Ended with Gollum from LOTR

29 Jun

A day of recreation on New York’s Fire Island.

Heartour – Little Waves

28 Jun

Yves Tumor – Jackie

27 Jun

The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome by Carly Paradis

26 Jun

A hypnotic infinite zoom music video created entirely from Victorian phenakistoscopes.

The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome from the debut album ‘Hearts To Symphony’
Music produced and composed by Carly Paradis

Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

26 Jun

ARISE Online presenting Random Rab by ARISE Music Festival

25 Jun

Streamed performance by Random Rab featuring live visuals, painters, and dancers!

4K Psychedelic Animated Graphics – 2 Hours!

24 Jun

Put on an album, playlist, mixtape, podcast, or whatever sounds you fancy to accompany this purely visual feast.

Drive by data

23 Jun

Omega Mart Employee Training Video – Unit 1.2: Exceptional Customers

22 Jun

Very useful video on how to deal with tripping grocery store shoppers.

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