Archive | June, 2022

Turning Faces

29 Jun

Nick Hakim: Roller Skates

28 Jun

Music video by legendary Micah Buzan.

The Statue Experiment (Hiroshi Takagishi)

27 Jun

Detox Unit – INTERIOR CROCODILE (trip)

24 Jun

Not an official video but still a wild trip!

Tripteas on DMT

22 Jun

VIA (Maria Constanza Ferreira)

20 Jun

Black Country, New Road – Concorde

19 Jun

Cornelius 『夢の中で』 In a Dream

17 Jun


Modern time flow

15 Jun

Tales from the Trip S01E60: Did Yung Gravy’s DMT Trip Cause an Earthquake?

14 Jun

Heavy time dilation experience in this one.

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