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Tipper & Android Jones

Tipper featuring Android Jones live at Infrasound Festival in May 2013.

music by Tipper

visuals by Android Jones

video by Andrew J. O’Keefe II


psychedelic animation

Ferenc Cakó: Ashes (1996)

Gloomy visions from the Hungarian sand animation master.
Quote from Cakó:

I try to reach a little deeper, down to more social aspects in a rather strong, almost political way, just like in Ash, which was darkened by my mother’s death.

He also has an interesting claim:

It is also remarkable that Eastern Europe brings much more exciting films than the Swiss or the Swedish. Because what excitement can there be in welfare and tranquility? On the other hand, the Russians and the Czechs make very good films which are exciting in form, for example, Svankmayer, who I love.