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Slowly Rising

31 Mar


by: kanahebi

Freqs of Nature 2014 – Terrain Exploration

30 Mar

Unofficial aftermovie. Trippy enough to get you hyped for the festival season!

Fractilian NYE 2014 aftermovie

29 Mar

I looked at various party aftermovies and decided this one is worthy of a DPV post.

BBC Life – Plants

28 Mar

One of my favorite things to do in the period of recuperation from a psychedelic experience is to watch a good nature film. While much of the stuff we usually watch is hardly bearable in the sensitive state of mind following these types of voyages, nature films are almost always harmoniously attuned with psychedelic afterglow. This short video clip from the 2009 BBC show Life shows one-year’s growth of the nature in a forest, in less than a minute’s time. It’s extraordinary not only as a technical feat but also as a paean to nature. The full show (51 minutes) is also highly recommended, especially for the types of situations described above.

“Out of Space” by The Prodigy

27 Mar

The 90s were haunted by the sample from Max Romeo’s Chase the Devil thanks to The Prodigy’s Out of Space single. One of the classics.


Three Caballeros – Finale

26 Mar

If you went tripping back in the 1940s, the finale for three caballeros would probably have been the most psychedelic video around…

Zero 7 W/Jose Gonzalez- Crosses

25 Mar

An oldie but a goodie.

Lazy Daze

24 Mar

Martin Stebbing: Antaris Artifact I & II

22 Mar


Motion graphics related to the Antaris Festival.

Aleph Bass — an aleph bet song by Darshan

21 Mar

In under 4 minutes this psychedelic video clip will teach you the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet – the building blocks of all of God’s creation according to Kabbalah.

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