Mary Jane (1968) – The ultimate anti-drug propaganda film

18 Mar

“Mary Jane, the excuse for anything!”. Mary Jane’s trailer is a superb example of 1960s anti-drug propaganda. You can’t help but laugh while watching it, and can’t help by feeling disturbed the fact that this kinds of movies were the ones shaping public perception of Cannabis in the 1960s. At least this shows you, what a long way we’ve gone from “Mary Jane” to Nancy Botwin’s “Weeds”.

I wonder who were the young actors in this anti-drug film. Either young squares chosen to portray hippies, or hippie sell outs. Anyway, I hope that when they watch it now they feel enormous shame for what they’ve done with their youth, or at least have a good laugh about it.

“This is a movie. But only as real as life”. Yeah, right!

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