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Bone Nest: Relight My Heart feat. Maria Victoria

18 Jan

Music video for Bone Nest.

Tales from the Trip S01E49: Shane Mauss’ DMT Girlfriend Got Jealous of His Real Life Girlfriend

11 Jan

I think Shane handled the situation like an adult.

Satori: Oneness (Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret Soundtrack)

4 Jan

From the documentary Bufo Alvarius: The Underground Secret.

Tales from the Trip S01E48: Pete Holmes’ Method of Saving a Bad Shroom Trip

28 Dec

Pete learns to float downstream.

Lil Wayne: I Don’t Sleep

21 Dec

Directed by James Larese.

Tales from the Trip S01E47: Tegan and Sara’s Teenage, Acid-Fueled 90s Rave Experience

14 Dec

PLUR vibes.

Off the Air: Progress (S10E03)

7 Dec

Aired in 2020.

List of videos in this episode:

Just Setting Off by Alfie Kungu
Harvest Bounty by Sam Lyon
Future Beach by Nadia Lee Cohen
Positive Mental Attitude by James Papper
Bunny World by Victoria Vincent
ungabarn by Rosco 5
whoisyoulmao by James Papper
I Want To Be The Ocean by Raman Djafari
gloogigigation by Renee Zhan
USB Dog by Sam Campbell & Joe Pelling
The Breakup by James Papper
The Community That Sings Together by Jonathan Zwanda
Cyber Commune by Harriet Davey
Coexist by Michael Marczewski
Teeter by Jordan Brookes & Ewan Jones Morris
Lockdown Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong (credited as Rube Goldberg Machine) by Demi Lardner & Tom Walker

This episode was guest curated and produced by Blink Industries.

Tales from the Trip S01E46: Riley Reid’s Three Tab Acid Trip Got Her Stuck in a Time Glitch

30 Nov

This one has a bit of a psychedelic emergency and even Riley’s mom doing remote tripsitting.

Off the Air: Dreams (S10E02)

23 Nov

Aired in 2020.

List of videos in this episode:

“Sick Of Being Honest” music video by Mike Diva
“Into Promenade” music video by Yoshi Sodeoka (credited as a short)
Terror Fervor by Phoebe Parsons
Dream World Fun World by Render Fruit
2 Lizards – Episode 2 by Orian Barki and Meriem Bennani
“Very Noise” music video by Meat Dept.
Dream Of A Dog by Maddie Brewer
Tofu Chan – Love Is A Fractal by Dylan Jones and Joset Gatti
Dreams by Anna Firth

Tales from the Trip S01E45: Shrooms Made Me Afraid of My Own Shadow (ft. Ryan O’Flanagan)

16 Nov

Ryan became a bit self-conscious, but a dinosaur analogy evened things out.

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