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Tales from the Trip S01E03: DMT Took Shane Mauss to the Infinite Void

7 Apr

Shane presents a DMT tutorial.

Meatwad full dome experience 2014

31 Mar

Displayed at Comicon 2014 and 2015.

Creative Director, Editor:
Dave Hughes

Golden Wolf

Sound Design:
Brent Busby

Tales from the Trip S01E02: Salvia Turned Me Into A Lonely God

24 Mar

Myq Kaplan tries his best to explain his Salvia Divinorum trip.

Sacred Geometry by Darklight Studio and Tklab (Telenoika)

17 Mar

Created by VJ Eletroiman, Omar Prole, Homem Gaiola and submitted to Immersphere Fulldome Festival 2017 in Brazil.

Tales from the Trip S01E01: I Ate $800 Shrooms

10 Mar

Comedian Sydnee Washington had a mushroom trip that set her back $800 in the end.

About Comedy Central’s Tales From the Trip series:

Don’t have the time, money or connections to take drugs with comedians? Tales from the Trip is here to help. Go on an animated psychedelic journey with funny people as they recount their hilarious, scary and sometimes dangerous experiences with DMT, acid, shrooms, salvia, molly and more.

Indra’s Net by Iikkamatti Hauru

3 Mar

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative.

What’s Beyond (360) by Berkay Ferah

25 Feb

Put on your virtual reality glasses and get ready to trip.

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