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Weirdcore & Jake Chapman – An Unnatural History of the World

22 Mar


Dumbo Gets Mad: Thank You Neil

21 Mar

“Neil” in this case is Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Video by Michele Vitobello

Namanieru Boys: What ya gonna do?

15 Mar

Music video by Tomonori Hayase and Tetsuji Sato

Gero Doll: Human Eye

14 Mar

A brief reflection and retrospect of all internal notions, nightmares and dreams. A complex mixture of the human psyche and how this relates to the natural processing of information.

The video was shot in Namibia in 2016.

Art, Animation and Direction by Gero Doll
Music & Sound Design by Olivier Girardot

R.U. Sirius’s Trippin’ Coyotes/Creosote Cowboy: Punching A Nazi

8 Mar

Commentary from R.U. Sirius on the current world situation.

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge: Symmetry

7 Mar

Music video by Kevin McGloughlin.

Max Cooper pieces previously featured on DPV:

BBBlaster Visuals 2 – compilation 2013 – 2015

1 Mar

Showcase of visuals from the French BBBlaster team. If you like their stuff, check out this post from 2013:

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