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TAU: Venedito

17 Sep

Music video by akfortysevs.


Circuit Bent

10 Sep

Unique visions expressed by Igor Goryunov / tadeush

Disco Beast by Jonathan Monaghan

3 Sep

Excerpts from the full work.

2016. video (color, sound), media player, screen or projector, 18 min loop

Disco Beast follows a psychedelic unicorn as it wanders through a series of empty commercial spaces, including an abandoned shopping mall and a luxury hotel lobby. The work references both medieval iconography of a unicorn in captivity and its appearance in popular culture to build a new mythology about modern confinement by technology and materialism. This symbol of otherworldliness and the unobtainable in discord with banal, corporate spaces in the piece elicits subconscious anxieties surrounding globalization and consumerism.

Niño Crudo: Pull You Out Alive

27 Aug

Music video by Daymotif.

Out of the Abyss by Jonathan Monaghan

20 Aug

This is an excerpt, not the full work.

Out of the Abyss combines imagery from modern consumerism with symbols and narratives associated with the Apocalypse. Visually extravagant, the work re-imagines elements such as the seven-eyed lamb and the four horsemen as terrifying beasts of the present day, adorned with security cameras, riot gear, and consumer electronics. The work suggests an unsustainable and fraught relationship between technology and materialism, and the natural world.

Blortasia Trailer

13 Aug

A psychedelic experience created for the HTC Vive virtual reality system.

Rainbow Narcosis by Jonathan Monaghan

6 Aug

A lamb gets lost in the multiverse.

Animation by Jonathan Monaghan
Original Soundtrack by Evan Samek

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