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Tim Hawkins – The Archeologist

26 Apr

In the far-flung future a shaman discovers the remains of our long forgotten internet in which billions of lonely and deformed digital souls are trapped and enslaved by an all powerful cat-god.

Rachel Maclean – Again and again and again

25 Apr

Rachel Maclean plays all the characters in this data junkie dystopia.

Shana Moulton: Morning Ritual

19 Apr

Shana Moulton is an artist based in New York City. Here she performs a morning ritual as her alter ego, Cynthia.

Romance Was Born’s Mushroom Magic (2013)

18 Apr

Nice shroomy show from an Australian fashion house.

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Sunny Afternoon

12 Apr

Music video for the Swedish band Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation.

A/V 3 – Modulation Express

11 Apr

A video starting from three pictures and music starting from three sounds. Video by Michele Vitobello, music and sound design by Giovanni Mennuni.

HNN (Hsilgne Nekorb Ni): Un temps idéal

5 Apr

Directed by Tomonori Hayase.

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