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And in the end – a projection-mapped visualization of The Beatles’ Abbey Road Medley

18 Oct

Installation by Forrest Grenfell.


Cairobi: Ghost

17 Oct

Animated by Sebaldo.

Field of Procession

11 Oct

Animation by Geoff Hoskinson, music by Dallas Campbell.

Energia Sagrada by NexusVisions

10 Oct

Sacred Energy Aumetry also known as SEA is the Collaborative project of designer and digital artist Samuel Farrand and visionary video producer Ferdinand Real who goes under the performance name of NexusVisions.

Ludic Chase

4 Oct

Animation by Overture.

Mark Lotterman: Happy

3 Oct

Directed by Alice Saey.

The Kleenrz: Mr. Sandman

27 Sep

Animation by Overture.

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