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Are We Here (Are We In Color?) by Natalie Palumbo

21 Jan

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative.

SkyWalker by Polarian Productions

7 Jan

Real-time audio reactive graphics
Music: Skywalker by James Scaramuzzino

DESCONEXIÓN by Jorge Bandera

31 Dec

Winner project: creation of video art for fulldome
Idartes – District Institute of the Arts (Bogotá, Colombia)

Light, Darkness, and Unity by Polarian Productions

24 Dec

This piece was created by programming a series of shaders using GLSL, WebGL and Javascript.
Polarian Productions
Music: Bloom by ODESZA

El Árbol de una Idea (The tree of an idea) by Alonso Vasquez

17 Dec

Presented as part of the Cosmix initiative (Florida).

• psilocybe •

10 Dec

A psilocybin-solidification process translated artistically by Bastian Brandstötter.

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