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Excerpt from “Dormouse”- Doug Foster in collaboration with Simon Birch

19 May

Dreamy! From the Vimeo description:

This is a short clip from the digital film installation made by Doug Foster, in collaboration with Simon Birch, for The 14th Factory project which opened in Los Angeles, March, 2017. Dormouse is the first film installation to be encountered as you enter the exhibition and constitutes the threshold to the “rabbit hole”. It was shot in Beijing and features well known Chinese performance artists Cang Xin, Li Wei and Yang Zhichao, amongst others. The soundtrack is by Gary Gunn.


“Home”- music video for Joe Goddard directed and animated by Pete Fowler

12 May


Oh how I love the retro groove on this tune. Be sure to hang in until 1:30-that’s when the visuals get REALLY psychedelic.

“Pantyvast”- Taffy Bennington

5 May


Date night sexy new post wave psychedelia. Have fun kids!

Deeply Artificial Trees-artBoffin

28 Apr

From the Vimeo description: This artwork represents what it would be like for an AI to watch Bob Ross on LSD (once someone invents digital drugs). It shows some of the unreasonable effectiveness and strange inner workings of deep learning systems. The unique characteristics of the human voice are learned and generated as well as hallucinations of a system trying to find images which are not there

“Paloma Blanca”- Georgie Dann

21 Apr

Groovy surfer animation by Andy Davis

14 Apr


As a Southern California lady, I relate to the laid back psychedelic vibes of this work by designer Andy Davis for Jack Coleman’s films “Secret Underground” and “Groove Move”. I don’t surf (too scared of the dying), but I’ve spent many hours sitting on my beach chair zoning out to the waves and surfer throngs on the lovely beaches in San Diego, Orange and LA counties. I hope you enjoy.

“Lucky’- Sticky Frames 2015

7 Apr
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