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Gang Gang Dance – ‘MindKilla’

7 May

I never really connected to Trance music, no matter how much psychedelics I did. So I am exited to present this trippy dance band: Gang Gang Dance, their album is soon to be released

Make Me Psychic

30 Apr

Cute piece of animation from the 1970’s, by Sally Cruikshank, with music by Robt. Armstrong and Allan Dodge.

CUSTOMTONE by Fracture & Neptune feat. Martin Fieber

23 Apr

This amazing hand-drown video was made for the release of the album ‘Retrospect – a Decade of Fracture & Neptune’. made by Astrophonica, their production company.

The Dark Side of The Trip (part 2)

10 Apr

This troubling video was written, composed and sung by Chad Vangaalen.





The Dark Side of The Trip (part 1)

3 Apr




Rebel Clown Army

26 Mar

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) is an international theatrical collective of anti-authoritarian activists, dressed as soldier-clowns. I sometimes see them in demonstrations in Israel an Palestine, and feel that their protest is the strongest, most effective, non-violent and unstoppable of any other group of protesters on the streets. Even when they get arrested or suffer from police brutality, the images they produce are hilarious, and are a great demonstration of the stupidity of the state and it’s forces. They are psychedelic in their creativity and humor, the direct fluffy assault on people’s conciseness in attempt to broaden and open it.

“Because rebels transform everything – the way they live, create, love, eat, laugh, play, learn, trade, listen, think and most of all the way they rebel.”

Kiss the Police!




All India Radio – Far Away

19 Mar

Oh summer festivals, We miss you so.

Ok, I admit it

5 Mar

A true classic from Sonic Youth. Like their music, this clip is rough, disturbing and multi-layered.  And Kim – you’re my idol!




26 Feb

Deliberately using other species, mostly plants, to change one’s conciseness is a cross cultural phenomena, that is well known. But it’s easy to forget that other species show similar behavior…

Not exactly a psychedelic video, but it made me go “purrrr”




Enter The Void

19 Feb

Watching Gaspar Noe’s new film is a death and re-birth experience. definitely the most psychedelic film I’ve ever seen, it’s like going into the mind of another person, and experiencing this conciseness change, from normal to a full-on DMT trip, to a near death experience an beyond. The photography and artistic design are absolutely incredible, I have no idea how most of the scenes were shot.




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