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Bolsa Bass – Critter & Guitari

2 Mar


The Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass synthesizer features six modes of rich, elemental bass sound, a sequencer and full MIDI capabilities.

thanks to Jo (Biosphos Metis) for sharing !

Understanding the Magnetic Sun

24 Feb

Nicola Cruz – Colibria

17 Feb

thanks to my Lov’Ali for sharing this !

Tropical Bleyage – Mala

10 Feb

This is the official video for the track ‘Tropical Bleyage – Mala’,
taken from the ‘Mala’ EP by Tropical Bleyage, a prelude to their second full album coming in 2015.

Tropical Bleyage:

Marco Polo – “Hashshashin”

3 Feb

check this from 35’10

Marco, Byamba, and their innkeeper friend ride out into the middle of nowhere and smoke some drugs. The Hashshashin show up and Marco starts seeing weird stuff…

Meteor – Narcose // ADULTS

27 Jan

Narcose, teaser of Adastra EP , release 02/05/16
Edited by Martin Sek
Collaboration SEML Records
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The Na’Vi Dream Hunt // AVATAR

20 Jan

The Dream Hunt (Na’vi name: Uniltaron) is a rite of passage, in which Na’vi seek their spirit animal. During a chemically induced trance caused by the bite of an arachnoid and swallowing a glow worm, they express themselves musically as the spirit moves.
Uniltaron songs are especially interesting. While under the chemically induced effects that mark the Dream Hunt, a Na’vi may utilize any kind of expression: standard social song structures, imitations of domestic cascading vocal style, children’s songs from deep in their memories, wildly improvised songs or chants. The only type of songs not heard in this context are personal songs and the ritual songs of mourning.

Vision Quest in Avatar Movie – Deleted Scene
This is the Vision Quest Ceremony that did not make it into the final movie. Please take note that the Dream Hunt / vision quest requires two separate chemicals – just as Ayahuasca…

The Na’vi’s nearly telepathic understanding of their environment is grounded not only in ritual, plant-lore, and that earnest seriousness that now afflicts PC Hollywood Indians, but in an organic communications network: the fibrous, animated, and vaguely repulsive pony-tail tentacles that not only allow the Na’vi to form direct control links with animals but also, through the optical filaments of the “Tree of Souls,” to commune with both ancestors and the Eywa (=Ayahuasca), the biological spirit of the planet whose name resonates with Erda, our own Earth.

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