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Wormwood Official Trailer

7 Oct

Bathroom Scene – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

23 Sep

Tripping (1999 Ken Kesey / Merry Pranksters documentary)

16 Sep

Wild in the Streets (1968) – Full Movie

9 Sep

Reacting To The Famous Acid Simulation Movie Scene | Fear & Loathing

26 Aug

Mellow Psychedelic Journey – Calming & Beautiful (1 HOUR, NO ADS DURING VIDEO)

19 Aug

The Greatest Acid Trip in Cinema History

12 Aug

The LSD from Otto Preminger’s 1968 film, Skidoo.

Terence Mckenna- The DMT Experience

6 Aug

Acid Trance Mix Original 2 (2K 60FPS UHD)

29 Jul

LSD Trip Simulation Replication [Accurate POV]

22 Jul
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