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Vladislav Delay – Toive

5 Apr


29 Mar

You can find the game here (name your own price).

Stephen Malkmus – Shadowbanned

22 Mar


The Uncensored Library

15 Mar

There are lot of trippy ways to use Minecraft to stimulate the senses (i.e. this or this), but The Uncensored Library (by Reporters Without Borders and BlockWorks) is the most beautiful way I have seen to actually expand the mind.

Oneohtrix Point Never – We’ll Take It

8 Mar

Cube Quest (1983)

23 Feb

Cube Quest (1983) is a rare arcade game with incredibly trippy visuals and a new age soundtrack. You can already see REZ and still see the influence on Kubrick’s star gate sequence. Below is a version with all the visuals but without gameplay.

The Faint – The Geeks Were Right

16 Feb

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