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Zaid Khaled x El Waili – Lame | زيد خالد و الوايلي – ليم

16 Oct

EL Waili – 1998

9 Oct

EL Waili – 2010 / الوايلى – الفين وعشرة (Official Music Video)

2 Oct

El Waili is the most psychedelic Egyptian artist I’ve coe across. He creates these Electro Sha’abi (Sha’abi= folk in Arabic) beats that are so special. The video itself is also an interesting video art piece. Enjoy!

Mushrooms/DeadPeople Official Music Video

28 Aug

Travis Scott – YOSEMITE

21 Aug

Pyramid – See You In The Other Side (soundtrack)

14 Aug

שוטי הנבואה – ידיעה | The Fools’ Prophecy – Yedi’a

7 Aug

Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim [Official Video]

26 Jun

i’m a princess

19 Jun

Space and the City

12 Jun
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