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Sausage Party (2016) Bath Salts Scene

29 Apr


“Bath salts are just as bad as they say,” if you take you might be able to “actually understand” sausages…

Compare with:

Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pools (Drank) | Rick and Morty Mashup

22 Apr

Rick and Morty meet Kendrick Lamar in this awesome mashup.

AubMckenzie: Wim Hof Method Animation

15 Apr

The Wim Hof method is a mind-expanding method of keeping steer of depression and anxiety all while developing extreme cold resistance and rejuvenating your mind and body. It’s pretty far out method developed by a pretty far-out dude, and this short psychedelic video will tell you all you need to know about it.

Trolls (2016) videos

8 Apr


The Trolls film (2016) has been variously described by the press as a “psychedelic Smurfs spin-off” as well as a “psychedelic adventure for children and potheads.” Check out these videos to see what the talk is all about.

Elliot Moss – “Without The Lights” (Official Video)

1 Apr


X Men Openings

25 Mar

The X Men have a penchant for including psychedelic tunnel visuals in their opening credits, it seems…

Ra Djan – Cube (Vids Invader)

18 Mar

Another hyper-psychedelic video mash-up by Ra Djan.

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