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X Men Openings

25 Mar

The X Men have a penchant for including psychedelic tunnel visuals in their opening credits, it seems…

Ra Djan – Cube (Vids Invader)

18 Mar

Another hyper-psychedelic video mash-up by Ra Djan.

Ayahuasca Shipibo Visions

11 Mar

The Rainbow Sponge

4 Mar

You should really get this sponge…

Civilization Megaplex 2008

25 Feb

Upper and lower worlds collide in this Hieronymus Bosch style video by Marco Brambilla (2008). Compare with another rendering of Bosch’s Garden of Eternal Delights featured here on the DPV a while back.

The Stangs – Look into the Sun

18 Feb

A 1960s style music clip by the Stangs.

Cosmos 2014

11 Feb

Contrary to what this recut video says, the cosmos opening was not too long in the least. Still, even the cut version for this mind-expanding show on the universe is spectacular. Watch the show to get the full version.

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