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Acid – Rodrigo Perez Estrada

28 May

OMG, can’t get enough of those videos by Rodrigo Perez Estrada

Venho La Da Floresta ( Mapu Huni Kuin and Ixa Hunikuin Cover )☼

21 May

Entheogenic gathering somewhere on the hilltops in Israel.

Sam Rudd-Jones – New Peaks

14 May

Impressionist psychedelic visuals courtesy of Sam Rudd-Jones.

Liquid Rorschach Test

7 May

Sub:Om – UNIFY

26 Mar

Awesome video by visionary rock band Sub:Om.

Donovan – I Am The Shaman

19 Mar

A new video by 1960s singer Donovan is always cause for celebration, and when David Lynch takes over as director, well then…

Gabi’el – Say That

12 Mar

UK rapper G’abiel takes a psychedelic ride around the city.

Manu Chao: “Confinamiento”

5 Mar

Omicron is here, and it’s again the same old tune, raising the same ole’ questions about the relationship between psychedelics and social isolation.

Tik Tok’s Farmboyslim

29 Jan

Tik Tok’s Farmboyslim gives tripping advice to a new generation of mushroom-heads

ÌXTAHUELE feat. KADHJA BONET – MANNA (Official Music Video)

22 Jan

Eden Ahbez’s “Dharmaland,” arranged and performed by Ìxtahuele, is the first-ever recording of this long-lost masterwork by the original hippie composer of “Nature Boy.”

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