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Hong Kong Ballet 40th Anniversary Season Brand Video

17 Sep

A Ravel inspired 40th anniversary video for Hong Kong Ballet’s

An Optical Poem – produced by Oskar Fischinger 1938

10 Sep

This groundbreaking short (7 minutes) was landmark in object animation with Fischinger manipulating hundreds of paper-cuts hung on invisible wires.


LSD with Autism: A Live Experience

3 Sep

Will LSD help Cheyennes with his autism? Find out how LSD affects a person dealing with autism.

FOX IN SOX | Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats

27 Aug

Head and Psychedelic Cousin Jules by v1cv3g4s

20 Aug

YouTube user v1cv3g4s creates some excellent homage videos using spectacular psychedelic CGI effect on some old footage. Check out his profile.


Larytta – Broken Leg Theory [Official Music Video]

13 Aug

Stare at the center of the screen. Beware not to get an epileptic seizure!


6 Aug

Psychedelic video from Bamboo’s album Daughters Of The Sky.

Naturaleza – Marco Padiya

30 Jul

Some digital psychedelic nature beauty care of Marco Padiya.

Debbie and Doug Drop Acid In the Desert

23 Jul

A short indie film about a couple who take acid to save their marriage does an impressive examining the effects of psychedelics on relationships and the mind.

Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable with The Velvet Underground (1967)

16 Jul

Classic 1960s psychedelia directed by Ronald Nameth.

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