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Gon Ben Ari – Mania and other videos

25 Sep

The current king of Israeli psychedelia is Gon Ben Ari. His clips might not have the familiar psychedelic style of lavish forms and colors, but he writes and sings brilliantly about mania, ptsd, liminal mental states, cannabis, psychedelics, and spiritual breakthrough. Ben Ari also published a brilliant psychedelic novel with strong autobiographical elements about his experiences with plant medicine and adventures in Kabbalah. For those of you who don’t speak Hebrew, hopefully his stuff gets translated sometime soon, because this is insane!


18 Sep

An absolutely crazy, incredible video provides moment to moment coverage of the the path of this Korean dude to supreme 100% enlightenment. An eye opening video.

Churchills (Jericho Jones) Coral for Young Lovers

11 Sep

1960s Israeli psychedelic band, the Churchills, known abroad as Jericho Jones (name was changed for the international tours to avoid hurting the English people’s feelings), beautiful rendition of a Bach tune.

[10 Hours] Fractal Animations Electric Sheep – Video Only [1080HD] SlowTV

4 Sep

10 hours of fractalicity

Can’t get you out of my head – Adam Curtis

31 Jul

If history can be psychedelic it is Adam Curtis that makes it so. The big master of historical narrative, montage, jump cuts, and archival materials was back this year with a new masterpiece exploring everything that went wrong with the world since 1945 and why it did so. Ambitious, pretentious, and exceptionally beautiful and moving – if you haven’t watched it, you definitely should.

Dum Maro Dum ~ Hare Krishna Hare Ram 1971 old

24 Jul

Some groovy 1970sIndian psychedelia with a Hare Krishna vibe.

Hakol Yafeh Labsamim Josh Lauffer with Elijah Eskin

17 Jul

Beautiful psychedelics song and video by Josh Lauffer with Elijah Eskin, quoting some biblical quotes about rolling the perfumes of temple (read: smoking utensils)

My Psychedelic Love Story – Errol Morris

3 Jul

If you haven’t yet watched Errol Morris’s My Psychedelic Love Story you really should. Morris retells the extraordinary story of Timothy Leary’s 1970s adventures from the perspective of Leary’s onetime cosmic lover Johanna Harcourt Smith. A visual feast and a delightful psychedelic thriller.

The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome by Carly Paradis

26 Jun

A hypnotic infinite zoom music video created entirely from Victorian phenakistoscopes.

The Hope Of A Favourable Outcome from the debut album ‘Hearts To Symphony’
Music produced and composed by Carly Paradis

עֲנֵנִי נָא – Aneni Na – Kunda ve’Laor

19 Jun

A message of peace from Jerusalem by Kunda ve’Laor

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