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Old Time Relijun “Dragon Juice”

5 Jun

Video produced by Andrew Ebright, including animation created by Arrington de Dionyso and China Faith Star

Ooga and Zpacetree at Chop Shop Chicago IL

29 May

One Day I’ll Wake Up And Realize This Was Not A Dream

22 May

AI art by Roope Rainisto

Planchette- Fadeaway 19

15 May
cello by Planchette (Nora Barton), visuals by Flex Your Love Muscles


8 May

Ben Sloan – distant spirit

1 May
Ben Sloan’s new album also features amazing cel animation videos by the musician. Worth checking out and supporting.

Cellular Chaos “Diamond Teeth Clenched” video by Preston Spurlock

24 Apr

Pouff – Mercury Birthpod

17 Apr

So great to see the legendary Pouff back in action after a period of silence!

Pouff – Pharaoh’s Delight

10 Apr

Foxy Shazam – Man in Bloom (video by Nikita Gross / Flex Your Love Muscles)

3 Apr

New video I worked on just dropped over the weekend! Come wallow in the creative destruction of Kali….

Camera and direction by Nikita Gross ( )

Video magic by Matthew Shelton / Flex Your Love Muscles.

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