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rejecting instruction [EG2.0]

3 Jan

We experience life and evolve through digital spaces that hold less and less meaning to us every day. As we are acting everyday more like them, our quest to understand the machines who encrypt our data has become closer to an identity crisis.


27 Dec

Song by David Dean Burkheart, “PowercuT – Morning Swim”

Bad Stream – Zombies

20 Dec

Music by Bad Stream Video by Fabian Tschöpl & Jonas Bosslet

Rone – Origami

6 Dec

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Little Fishes

29 Nov

Directed & animated by Micah Buzan Animation assistance by Brittany Penn

Max Cooper – Repetition – (Official Video By Kevin McGloughlin)

22 Nov

Breakfast by Cyriak

15 Nov

Cyriak back with some new content!

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