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Max Cooper – Everything

27 Jan

Many of us are familiar with Max Cooper’s work at this point. This one came out last year and is one of my personal favorites from him. I mean, just look at this thumbnail!


20 Jan

I really like the editing and imagery choices! Directed by : Douze

“The Alchemist”s Letter” – by Pixel Veil Productions | TheCGBros

13 Jan
This video may have flown under the radar. I’ve only seen it in a few mixes, but oh my, does it hit hard :’)

Dmitry Evgrafov – Humble In Heart

6 Jan

It’s wild to think how far liquid light art has come in the past 100 years. Just, beautiful

Video by Rus Khasanov

DEEP DOWN – Maciek Janicki

30 Dec

Top notch animation here

The Chemical Brothers – The Darkness That You Fear

23 Dec

Mad love in this one ❤

Relaxing Old Footage With Joe Pera

16 Dec

This is a great video for falling asleep after a busy night.

Plus Device – Our Pleasures

9 Dec

Cool aspect of the video – The animation and creature design is all procedural and generated. The only key frames are on the camera and lights. Everything was made in Side Fx Houdini and comped in Fusion.

Oval – Improg

2 Dec

A lil off kilter vibe with Oval

Kaya Project – Zema Lasu

25 Nov

An older one from the great Kaya Project. Definitely check out their music.

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