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Nervous Systems? Print Screen!

20 Nov

Print Screen festival is the biggest digital art and culture annual event is Israel – and it’s happening now! Sarah Zucker is one of the featured artists and she is psychedelic with a capital Ψ:


Here is a snippet from Mycelial Messages, part of her Nervous Systems series, exhibited at the festival, and contributed especially to The Daily Psychedelic Video:


Lenia – Mathematical Life Forms

13 Nov

A continuous space-time cellular automata by Bert Wang-Chak Chan.

Winner of Virtual Creatures Contest, GECCO 2018.

Online demo:



Figure from above paper showing visual similarity of real biological and artificial mathematical life forms:


The Drugstore Scene

6 Nov

Don’t drizzle sunshine over me
Take me to the Superpharm
[Tze’ela Katz]

The drugstore arena as the ultimate meeting point of technology, psychedelia and capitalism. A few years ago, a friend asked me to give a talk in an event themed around Natural Born Killers. I was baffled finding a connection to my fields of interest, until i rediscovered the drugstore scene from NBK. It hit me that the drugstore setting is a common test ground for poetry, augmented reality, generative art, artificial intelligence and of course psychedelics. All fields of interest 🙂 I put together a collage of these four videos as the opening to a newly born talk titled “Nueropsychedelic Aesthetics”. View simultaneously for best effect (jump to minute 2:00 on the first video).

Hi, I am Eyal, and this is my first post here. How are you?

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