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Adam Cutmix presents: The rise and the demise of Jiang Qing – A brief history of history, love and pain

16 Jun

A commission for Saf and Institut Français d’Israël

By Eyal Yehowa Gruss

Materials co-curation: Yoel Botvinik Tzvibel

Free online creative interfaces I created and used for this project: – A Colab for automatic greenscreen and a multi-layer cutter-mixer-upper – A Colab for G’MIC effects on videos – A cheap realtime deepfaker for video

Other free tools I used: – So we can have eye lasers – A free Premiere alternative for video editing – For the title poster

Drugged Out Sexed Up

9 Jun

Can’t believe that only now I discovered this cult feature by Rafi Perach

Chemosynthesizers and Synthesizers

2 Jun


26 May

I will never forget you

19 May

By Don Hertzfeldt of course. Some background and analysis.

12 May

Data is everything, everything is data.

5 May
Out at Sea by Guli Silberstein


28 Apr

Vadim Epstein is the creator of Aphantasia. I recently joined his Patreon.

Early Abstractions

21 Apr

Independence Day: Resurgence

14 Apr
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