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13 Jan

Dey took hiz jerb

6 Jan

with some help from:

Throat Notes

30 Dec

A Christmas Carol by Felix Colgrave

Sexy vaporwave lady

23 Dec

one-click video green screen effect:


16 Dec

Integers: The First Million. UMAPed.

9 Dec


A Different Life

2 Dec


25 Nov

“Just some innocuous black and white pixels.”

@gasmanic: If only there were some way to download Youtube videos, you could run through ffmpeg -i yt_dl.mkv -vf scale=120:-1,eq=contrast=10 -sws_flags neighbor -pix_fmt monob -f rawvideo yt_dl.tar.gz and possibly discover something interesting. Ah well.

Abstract Originals

18 Nov

More awesomeness at the Computer Arts Society archive lunched this week:

Brilliant Noise

11 Nov

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