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Roda Lume

1 Feb
Roda Lume is an "animated experimental poem", performed by E. M. de Melo e Castro in 1968. The original was destroyed by RTP for reasons difficult to determine (most likely due to tape recycling). The original storyboard plans survived and Melo e Castro managed, in 1986, to reconstruct the essence of what would have been the first manifestation of videopoetry, or teleart, in an international context.


25 Jan
By Ivan Maximov (1990)

Последний бой (the last fight)

18 Jan
A colored, drawn cartoon based on the story of the same name by A. Kravchenko. A cruel war is going on, the fat general is triumphant: victory is near! Suddenly, his troops run back, and he sees a gigantic, huge insect crawling out from behind the horizon, into the whole sky. It turns out that he dreamed of cockroaches overcoming him in real life. And he, a well-deserved infantry general, is not needed by anyone, since the branch of his troops is outdated. And he decided to find a new radical means to fight again in reality, and not in a dream. In a mysterious laboratory, the general took out a remote control device for cockroaches, and led huge hordes of foot insects into battle. And nearby lived the rest of the aviation general …


11 Jan
By Vince Collins


4 Jan

By Vincent Collins

There Lived Kozyavin

28 Dec
By Andrei Khrzhanovsky (1966)


21 Dec


14 Dec


7 Dec


30 Nov
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