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25 Nov

“Just some innocuous black and white pixels.”

@gasmanic: If only there were some way to download Youtube videos, you could run through ffmpeg -i yt_dl.mkv -vf scale=120:-1,eq=contrast=10 -sws_flags neighbor -pix_fmt monob -f rawvideo yt_dl.tar.gz and possibly discover something interesting. Ah well.

Abstract Originals

18 Nov

More awesomeness at the Computer Arts Society archive lunched this week:

Brilliant Noise

11 Nov

Novus ordo seclorum

4 Nov

Proof for the existence of the Illuminati and their plan for world domination by G5 technology and COVID19 “vaccination”. In Hebrew – act surprised.

Digital TV Dinner

28 Oct

Digital TV Dinner is a video art clip from 1979 created by Raul Zaritsky, Jamie Fenton, and Dick Ainsworth using the Bally Astrocade console game to generate unusual patterns.

The Bally Astrocade was unique among cartridge games in that it was designed to allow users to change game cartridges with power-on. When pressing the reset button, it was possible to remove the cartridge from the system and induce various memory dump pattern sequences. DIgital TV DInner is a collection of these curious states of silicon epilepsy set to music composed and generated upon this same platform.

DTV first appeared at an Electronic VIsualization Festival in Chicago, and we hear the voice of Dr. Thomas Defanti introducing this item to the audience.

A crappy rejected Mario Kart level turned fantasy landscape

21 Oct

Jump to 06:04 for the good stuff.

Or play with it yourself here:

Exquisite Glitch 2.1

14 Oct


7 Oct


30 Sep

Michal Shoshan’s graduate work @ Bezalel, inspired by Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

And until this is out you can play her 2D puzzle platformer from last year:

Sparkle Mountain

23 Sep

some making of:

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