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Thome Yorke and the Kitties

16 Oct

Sounds of Hope

9 Oct

In these days when many Israeli psychonauts feel the loss of hope and great despair. When the hate culture and war culture spread around like fire, Psy festivals in the midlle east give great hope for the future. I dream of a future where I take my car and just drive up north to the Forrest Frequencies Festival in Lebanon.
Big Hug to all the Lebanese psy brothers and sisters out there,



Say No to Oil- Say Yes to the Amazon

2 Oct

Saving th Amazon and its forest should be one of th emost important goals of any psychonaut in the 21st century. Aya is calling for us to help the forrest, help the ancient knowledge survive!


Dragon or the war on drugs

4 Sep

This video was made by the global commission on drug policy as part of their efforts to change the “war on drugs” policy around the world.

IRMA/Save Me

28 Aug

The future is definitely in integrating visual effects into live performances!


Emanuele Kabu

14 Aug

Another beautiful video by Emanuele Kabu


Festivals Season

7 Aug

It’s summer again, time to trance out in nature. A big hug to all my friends who were lucky enough to make it to the Boom this year!

[youtube] [youtube]


24 Jul

The Dance of Reality

17 Jul

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s first movie in 23 years is a master piece. Jodorowsky is one of the most important psychedelic and spiritual film makers. To talk about “The Dance of Reality” in cinematic terms is like talking about Budhist chanting in musical terms. This film is a prayer, it’s an ode to life, it’s psychedelic cinema at one of its most important moment where visual, text and sound take you through a journey through the inner reality and the healing process of one person only to show you the true nature of the outer reality we all live in.

and I want to thank Ido Hartogsohn for introducing me to Jodorowsky’s work!

The Changa song

10 Jul

So do you people thing this is an official changa song?

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