The psychedelic films of Peter Jackson

9 Oct

I remembered the idea Terrence Mckenna expressed, about mainstream culture becoming psychedelic because it’s creators are directly influenced by the psychedelic experience, when I saw Jackson’s “Lovely Bones”. Jackson’s most popular films -the Lord Of The Rings series, take place in a fantasy world, and have an according design that is 100% fairytale illustration. the “psychedelic” manifestations in his work are therefor found in other films, where a realistic happening is suddenly juxtaposed with a completely surreal and colorful delirium. this transition from a more or less realistic cinematic expression to a visually packed fantastic one, has more in common with the use of psychedelic drugs than a film that is fantastic from beginning to end. I believe Jackson chose to use visuals that are characteristic of psychedelic trips (ie – the melting background, brighr colors, radiant objects, flying and the intensification of Nature) in places where he wants to depict a liminal state – between life and death, between sanity and psychosis, childhood and adulthood.

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