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Mea Culpa-Brian Eno and David Byrne: video by Bruce Connor

29 Jul

I consider this sort of proto-post psychedelia. Bruce Connor’s imagery is both mind altering and domestic. The music and imagery evoke altered states of consciousness with an edgy and dangerous leaning. If you find yourself in NYC, check out the Bruce Connor retrospective at MOMA.

The psychedelic films of Peter Jackson

9 Oct

I remembered the idea Terrence Mckenna expressed, about mainstream culture becoming psychedelic because it’s creators are directly influenced by the psychedelic experience, when I saw Jackson’s “Lovely Bones”. Jackson’s most popular films -the Lord Of The Rings series, take place in a fantasy world, and have an according design that is 100% fairytale illustration. the “psychedelic” manifestations in his work are therefor found in other films, where a realistic happening is suddenly juxtaposed with a completely surreal and colorful delirium. this transition from a more or less realistic cinematic expression to a visually packed fantastic one, has more in common with the use of psychedelic drugs than a film that is fantastic from beginning to end. I believe Jackson chose to use visuals that are characteristic of psychedelic trips (ie – the melting background, brighr colors, radiant objects, flying and the intensification of Nature) in places where he wants to depict a liminal state – between life and death, between sanity and psychosis, childhood and adulthood.

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