Fehérlófia (1981)

22 Mar

Marcell Jankovics kicks ass and comes from Hungary. His Fehérlófia aka Son of the White Mare is quite a jewel among the videos posted here so far, because it is a feature length animation done in non-stop psychedelic style! Playlist link.

A more recent feature by Jankovics, Ének a csodaszarvasról / Song of the Miraculous Hind (2002), has shamanic episodes, which are done in a style that reminds me of Huichol art. The Youtube version has sucky picture quality and no subtitles, but if you’re not put off by this you can find the rest of the movie by clicking “Watch in Youtube” and looking at the related videos or in the uploader’s channel.

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  1. SiNgUlIbRiUm April 28, 2020 at 8:25 pm #

    Director: Marcell Jankovics
    Producer: Román Kunz, Marcell Jankovics
    Genre: Animation / Art House Film
    Country: Hungary
    Language: Hungarian / AR / EN / ES / FR / PT / RU subtitles

    A tribute to the old steppe peoples.

    Based on the work of László Arany and ancient Hunnic and Avaric legends, Feherlofia also know as Son of the White Mare is a experimental, full-feature, pop-art/folk-art fairy-tale. According to it, in the myth of the three brothers, a three-membered vertical structure of the world is modeled, including the upper world (sky, sun), the lower world (terrestrial and water depth) and mountains as the middle, connecting their element. Also inherent the motive of the struggle between rival brothers and the murder of the winner, the younger. Beneath the movie’s surreal imagery, there are many indirect references.



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