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18 Apr

Sándor Reisenbüchler: A Nap és a Hold elrablása / The Abduction of the Sun and the Moon (1968)

7 May

This is the first film in a trilogy by Hungarian Sándor Reisenbüchler. It is based on a poem by Ferenc Juhász
At 04:28 you can see some characters resembling Wondjinas, so it is possible that Reisenbüchler was familiar with the work of the “ancient aliens” -freak Erich von Däniken.

Below are included the 2nd and 3rd part of the trilogy for reference. They make use of photomontage and collage techniques.

Barbarok ideje / The Age of the Barbarians (1970)

Az 1812- es év / Year 1812 (War and Peace) (1972)

Transmutations by Stefan Heller

2 Oct

The quality in this is more of a very rough animation test than a finished product, but it has some good ideas. It is the artist Stefan Heller‘s personal mythology.

Fehérlófia (1981)

22 Mar

Marcell Jankovics kicks ass and comes from Hungary. His Fehérlófia aka Son of the White Mare is quite a jewel among the videos posted here so far, because it is a feature length animation done in non-stop psychedelic style! Playlist link.

A more recent feature by Jankovics, Ének a csodaszarvasról / Song of the Miraculous Hind (2002), has shamanic episodes, which are done in a style that reminds me of Huichol art. The Youtube version has sucky picture quality and no subtitles, but if you’re not put off by this you can find the rest of the movie by clicking “Watch in Youtube” and looking at the related videos or in the uploader’s channel.

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