The top 2013 DPV psychedelic videos which were not made in 2013

4 Jan

A curious title for a post about top 2013 psychedelic videos. Let me explain…

Many of the best psychedelic videos of 2013 have not yet been published on the DPV. Some of them will only be published in the DPV in 2014 or maybe years in the future. For this reason we composed this complementary list to the Best Psychedelic Videos list of 2013, which includes some of the best psychedelic videos made in the years preceding 2013 but featured and featured on the DPV in 2013.

[[Click here to view the best 20 psychedelic videos created in 2013]]

Psychedelic Music Clips

Tame Impala – Full glass of Wine

A super trippy video by Tame Impala. (Original post).

Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son

If you’re gonna have a child. Do it the psychedelic way. (Original post).

Other candidates

Paul Weller kicks ass with a seizure inducing hardcore-psychedelic video.

Some kind of Victorian psychedelia in this spectacular video by Plush.

An Electro-Escheresque video for the song One Hundred Realities.

Beautiful psychedelic light show in the first single from Clinic’s seventh album

Jon Leone mixes organic imagery and creates a mesmerizing mirage to a song by Dungen.

Psychedelic Feel Good Videos

The Gummy Bear Song

This video always makes me smile. (Original post).

Usai Drop – Opening

The cutest magical world, inhabited by the cutest magical creatures. (Original post).

Psychedelic visuals


Breathtaking computer generated animation of underwater jewelery, by Tetsuka Niiyama. (Original post).

Psychedelic food coloring by Dave Michuda

Some magnificent food coloring visuals. (Original post).

Inspirational Psychedelic Video

Terence Mckenna – The Message

Terence McKenna launces on an inspired rant about the psychedelic experience and it’s meaning to mankind, masterfully mixed with inspiring visuals. (Original post).

Psychedelic Nature Films

Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit

Paul Stamets, the world’s foremost mycologist, talks about the incredible world of mushrooms, accompanied by amazing mushroom videos. (Original post).

Psychedelic Animation Films

Dora Kereszstes – Smiling Sad Willow Tree (2001)

Hungarian animator Dora Keresztes in a superb video which mixes European folk motives. (Original post).

Sandor Reisenbuchler – Warnings for every day (1993)

Spectacularly psychedelic animals give us a warning for every day. (Original post).

Almost made it

An explosion of great stuff from the Zagreb School of Animated Film (1974).

Hungarian artists of the subconscious Dóra Keresztes and István Orosz take us on a unforgettable journety.

Psychedelic Short Films


A lonely and depressed young woman goes down the rabbit hole. (Original post).

Stereo 3D video mapping in Mapping Festival Geneva 2012

A video that takes video mapping to a whole new level… (Original post).

Almost made it

A cellular story from Japanese Indie animator Mirai Mizue.

A powerful animated short film dealing with the dark world of schizoaffective disorder.

Psychedelic Web Videos

Abelard – Last time in Space

A great kitschy psychedelic quality in this video to a track by Abelard. (Original post).

Ori Toor – Unofficial video to Panda Bear’s Alsatian Darn

Ori Toor does a masterful work in this unofficial video to a track by Panda Bear. (Original post).

Almost made it…

Turning pharmaceutical commercials into a psychedelic video is an achievement which commands my astonishment.

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