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Mara – Altair

31 Jul

Dark and luscious 3D renders, mixed well

Naturaleza – Marco Padiya

30 Jul

Some digital psychedelic nature beauty care of Marco Padiya.

Acid Bird

29 Jul

making of:

made with:

Mike Wallis DJ Set – A Trip Hop Excursion – The Featherbed Sessions

24 Jul

Another great A/V pairing from the featherbed sessions

Tender Embrasures

22 Jul


15 Jul

Jasiah – Jump (dir. by: Hivemind)

13 Jul


10 Jul

Incredibly shot and edited 4K footage. You might not think its that psychedelic until you watch it late one night, and get transported across the world!


Had to be done

8 Jul

Want to have the 1st Israeli psychonaut dance for you too? You can try yourself here:, or come to my Avatars in Zoom tutorial on Sunday 12/7 @ and learn how to easily create realistic deep-fakes yourself, and how you can be anybody you want in Zoomspace.

Touch 9 by Caustics (vid by Sandy Ewen)

6 Jul

More info:

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