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28 Sep

Preludes in Magical Times

21 Sep

Sara Petty, 1987.

Tomcoben tripping in a bathroom (tik tok)

17 Sep

Hyper-trippy video of what happens when you take 800 mics in the bathroom.

Time Tripper

14 Sep


recursiveidentity – ultimate fractality

10 Sep

A Hard Fork for Humanity

7 Sep

Zia Cora – Submarines (zia x aza)

3 Sep

AI generated psychedelic video.

Submarines’ is a project of zia x aza, a collaboration between musician Zia Cora and artist Aza Raskin. The music video for Submarines was created by Aza Raskin in less than 48 hours using AI techniques published in the opening of 2022. Learn about the making of the video at

Take My Muffin S01E03

31 Aug

Take My Muffin S01E02

24 Aug

Take My Muffin S01E01

17 Aug
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