Psychedelic Visuals

Kreayshawn – Go Hard (La.La.La) (Video)

Oakland’s Kreayshawn steals her step-daddy’s credit card and goes hard

Psychedelic Visuals

Fire-Toolz – Dreamt Hex Code (Angel Marcloid)

The video and music work of Chicago’s Angel Marcloid is prolific, both in quantity and the sheer onslaught of visual and auditory delights. This latest video is only the most recent tip of an enormously inventive and challenging iceberg. Suggested playlist for those who just can’t get enough:

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Mr. Madila (dir. Rory WT)

Mr Madila from Rory WT on Vimeo.

Delightful short film of an animation student’s process of seeking out help from a “spiritual healer” he found advertised on a flier. The story that unfolds is a hilarious examination of the often-blurry line between hucksterism and sincerity that one finds in today’s “urban shaman” and “healer for hire” environment.