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Fast Style Transfer Video – Deep learning

11 Jan

Style transfer video technology has broken through the past couple years. Look for this to be BIG in the world of psychedelic visuals and renders! It’s based on neural networks and machine learning similar to deep dream.


Joji – Window (directed by BRTHR)

7 Jan

Tame Impala – ‘Cause I’m A Man

4 Jan

Some great 3D renders along with the chill, psychedlic rock vibes of Tame Impala

Tangerine Reef – The Audiovisual Album by Animal Collective & Coral Morphologic

31 Dec

Robotboot “Continuous” | An hour of Psychedelic Visuals and Electronic Music

29 Dec

Tame Impala – Reality in Motion

28 Dec

Audi A5 – Pure imagination (Director’s Cut)

27 Dec

An awesomely psychedelic Audi commercial.

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