Ayahuasca in Hollywood

27 Sep

In recent years it seems that ayahuasca appears in an increasing number of Hollywood features. After Nancy drank the sacred brew in Showtime’s Weed, after Jeniffer Aniston had a not very profound trip in the film Wanderlust and Daniel Craig had a sip in Cowboy’s aliens, now we found out that the father and savior of the human race, Noah (Russell Crowe), actually came upon the idea of his life-saving ark in an ayahuasca vision.

It is amusing to see that Hollywood embraces ayahusca visions so heartily. Now let us hope that some serious movies about the ayahuasca experience come from the industry.   And here is that Daniel Craig  scene…


One Response to “Ayahuasca in Hollywood”

  1. Clearfield September 27, 2014 at 4:29 pm #

    I agree completely. The Wanderlust scene was completely ridiculous and reinforced many inaccurate clichés and myths about psychedelics. On the other hand I was surprised and happy to see ayahuasca appear in Noah; with Methuselah in an almost shamanic role that I think is very accurate. Hopefully we’ll see more of Aronofsky’s type of intelligent and subtle treatment of the subject, since pretty much everyone is getting tired of stupid clichés.

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