Psychedelic Visuals

Illuminati Destroyer // Renard Frak

From one of my favorite psy-contributor // Renard Frak

he usually gives himself three artistic directives for his new creations as he notices:
1) I have to create the melody based on the improvised percussion that I begin with. I then sort out the best rhythms, and I apply a different note from a diatonic range to each drum (using the trigger technique). From this mess, I keep only the melodies that stand out on their own.
2) I draw inspiration from the period when the Beatles were at their most eccentric. The sitar kicks serious ass, let’s reintroduce it in our music !
3) The video must be inspired by the roaring twenties (1920), outrageously eccentric, as close to real life, from the pure feeling of creation, by eliminating as much as possible all cartesian reflexes.
22) It will be what it will be ! And anyway, being a Utopian, I believe that true democracy no longer exists, that we live in a lie, that we must free our minds from the manipulation of the mass media and large corporations hungry for power, blood and money. Let us give us back the title of citizen and not merely voter. So, like it or not, it is reflected in my creations …

All of this, because I consider that everything sounds the same these days. The music scene needs to be shaken up, we need to have laboratories of creation. Also, mixing items that do not go together has always fascinated me. And trying to wake our consciences by all possible means, even those never envisaged, at least it’s a start …

*** Note : Many backgrounds and lighting effects were downloaded on the Footage Island channel. Thank you very much!


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