Psychedelic Visuals

Roky Erickson Demon Angel A Day and Nite with Roky Erickson Halloween 1984-George Cedarskoog

Last week’s post had me gushing on the majestic beauty of the California coast, but before I was a Californian, I was (am) a Texan. Spending many of my formative years in Austin, TX, exposed me to the psychedelic, horrifying, extra-terrestrial sweet sweet genius of Roky Erickson. Demon Angel gives us a glimpse into his peculiar mind with heart melting performances by Roky. The film opens with my all time favorite Roky song Bloody Hammer. Actually, Bloody Hammer, is my all-time favorite song EVER. Check out this version:

There’s much more Roky to post, but I will save more for later to prolong the Roky experience. I hope you enjoy.

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