“The Point” (1971)- concept and music by Harry Nilsson, directed by Henry Wolf

3 Oct

Ido’s post the other day featuring the 1977 Israeli animation “The Banana Bender”, made me think of the lovely 1971 film “The Point”. Created by musician Harry Nilsson, the animated film follows the travels of Oblio and his dog Arrow as they escape the oppression of their pointy headed countrymen.

Nilsson’s explained synthesis of The Point: “I was on acid and I looked at the trees and I realized that they all came to points, and the little branches came to points, and the houses came to points. I thought, ‘Oh! Everything has a point, and if it doesn’t, then there’s a point to it.’”-Jacobson, Alan (May 2004). “What’s The Point? The Legendary 1971 Animated Feature on DVD”. Bright Lights Film Journal (44). ISSN 0147-4049

Nilsson’s soundtrack is sweet, melancholy and lovely. Here is an excerpt featuring one of my favorites, “Think About Your Troubles”:

And another groovy one “Are You Sleeping” where the animation team makes fun use out of the optical printer and animated morphs:

The entire 75 minute film can be streamed here:


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