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21 Jun

Stop motion looping animated wooden sculptures by Benjamin Ducroz.

Tom Petty – “Runnin’ Down A Dream”

19 Jun

“A Tribe Called Kotori (Short Edit)”- video for Oliver Koletzki by Chrisse Kunst

16 Jun

Feed Me & Kill The Noise – “Far Away”

12 Jun

Future bass song by EDM producers Feed Me & Kill The Noise, bring a music video reminiscent of a children’s story book.


Mimicry (2010)

7 Jun

Benjamin Ducroz animated some balsa wood pieces.

Strings (2011)

31 May

Benjamin Ducroz playing around with shapes.

Slowdive – “Star Roving”

29 May

After 22 years of resting after “Pygmalion” in 1995, 1989 English rock band Slowdive returns in there new self titled album, “Slowdive”. Released on the 5th of this May.

If your a Shoegazing/Dream Pop fan, i would most definitly give this album a listen, as this marks the return of one of the genre defining bands as well as one of the greatest Shoegazing/Dream Pop bands to ever exist.

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