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A Boy Who Can’t Express His Emotions Shows Us Why Being Different Is Beutifal

24 Apr

Another animated video from Omeleto for those that need a little big more convincing. This time being a video short about a kid who cannot express his emotions properly and in turn is misunderstood by many but comes to accept and embrace the very thing that makes him unique.

A beautiful and simple message all hidden within a stunning visual masterpiece.

Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pools (Drank) | Rick and Morty Mashup

22 Apr

Rick and Morty meet Kendrick Lamar in this awesome mashup.

AubMckenzie: Wim Hof Method Animation

15 Apr

The Wim Hof method is a mind-expanding method of keeping steer of depression and anxiety all while developing extreme cold resistance and rejuvenating your mind and body. It’s pretty far out method developed by a pretty far-out dude, and this short psychedelic video will tell you all you need to know about it.

Groovy surfer animation by Andy Davis

14 Apr


As a Southern California lady, I relate to the laid back psychedelic vibes of this work by designer Andy Davis for Jack Coleman’s films “Secret Underground” and “Groove Move”. I don’t surf (too scared of the dying), but I’ve spent many hours sitting on my beach chair zoning out to the waves and surfer throngs on the lovely beaches in San Diego, Orange and LA counties. I hope you enjoy.

Trolls (2016) videos

8 Apr


The Trolls film (2016) has been variously described by the press as a “psychedelic Smurfs spin-off” as well as a “psychedelic adventure for children and potheads.” Check out these videos to see what the talk is all about.

“Lucky’- Sticky Frames 2015

7 Apr

HNN (Hsilgne Nekorb Ni): Un temps idéal

5 Apr

Directed by Tomonori Hayase.

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