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Off the Air: Patterns (S09E04)

26 Oct

Aired in 2019.

List of videos in this episode:

Airshow footage provided by iStock (uncredited)
Opening titles by Adam Fuchs
“Repetition” (credited as “Repetitions”) music video by Kevin McGloughlin
Historical Patterns by Robby Rackleff
The Blank Page by Jake Fried
How to Stop by Sofia Pashaei
Where’s Walter? by Michela M. Smith & Lucien Flores
Body Patterns by Milo Targett
“Someday” music video by Paraic McGloughlin
The Big Bounce footage supplied by the Prelinger Archives (uncredited)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Ya Love

23 Oct

Tales from the Trip S01E43: Shrooms & Acid Made Amsterdam’s Red Light District Especially Insane for EBEN

19 Oct

Trip tourism.

Off the Air: Fire (S09E03)

12 Oct

Aired in 2019.

List of videos in this episode:

Lava Steak by Jenny Wysocki and Robert Wysocki (latter uncredited)
Kilauea: The Fire Within by Lance Page
Fire Flowers by Jeff Lower
Drone Fireworks by Mikal Jakubal
Human Torch by John Walton
Fire Escape by Mikey McCusker
Light Me Up by Caitlin McCarthy
RIP by Cyriak Harris
Eruption by Steven Markow, animated by Cole Kush and Derrick Guerin
Sunspots by Morgan Beringer
Strange Dream by Alfie Dwyer
Viking Funeral by Sanjay Jit
Neighborhood Renewal by Matt Reynolds, backgrounds by Olga Sokal, animation assistance by Ingo Raschka, Kevin Eskew, Micah Stahl and Luca Depardon
Forest Fire by Kevin Gautraud

EL Waili – 1998

9 Oct

Tales from the Trip S01E42: Why Shrooms & Naked Joyriding Don’t Mix (ft. Royal & the Serpent)

5 Oct

Driving under the influence seems to make for entertaining stories despite its risks.

Off the Air: Trash (S09E02)

28 Sep

Aired in 2019.

List of videos in this episode:

Quentin and His Birdbox Orchestra by Sean Reynard
Garbage Rave by Yilmaz Sen
Opening titles by Thomas Deininger
Trash dumping footage provided by iStock (uncredited)
Extrapolate by Johan Rijpma
Bambi by Joseph Melhuish
Global Warming by Koba K24
Garbage truck image provided by iStock (uncredited)
Pretty by Mary Dauterman
The End Is Equal by Shively Humperdink
Open Ocean by Nate Milton
#DISRUPT by Matt Reynolds
Plastic Dreams by Bureau Klaus Alman

Tales from the Trip S01E41: Out of Your Mind on Shrooms? Don’t Buy a Computer (ft. Dan Deacon)

21 Sep

Highly goal-oriented tripping!

Off the Air: Fashion (S09E01)

14 Sep

Aired in 2019.

List of videos in this episode:

Leigh Bowery footage from The Clothes Show provided by Getty Images
Fall/Winter 2059 by Andy and Sam Rolfes
Kinetic Salad Man by David Henry Nobody Jr.
“Horse” music video by Vedran Rupic
Dondus Fingertrap by Felipe Di Poi Tamargo, script by Steven Markow
Bookaka by Kokofreakbean
Unabomber Speckles drawing provided by R. Land, animation by Jordan Gum
Stock image and sewing footage provided by iStock (uncredited)
Mr. Blessing Man by Qieer Wang
“Heavy Metal” music video by Filip Nilsson
A Dance Video by Aaron Whitney Bjork

Tales from the Trip S01E40: Tripping on LSD During High School Classes (ft. Sean Patton)

7 Sep

LSD is known to sometimes have performance-enhancing effects.

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