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Tales from the Trip S01E67: Meeting a Mississippi Mayor on Shrooms (ft. Grandson)

27 Sep

A pleasant trip on the beach.

Chris P. Thompson: Professor H

22 Sep

Music video created by Amanda Bonaiuto.

ANIMA!: Toughest Man

15 Sep

Music video created by Amanda Bonaiuto.

Tales from the Trip S01E66: Scumbag Dad Partied with Lil Jon and Melissa Ong on Shrooms

13 Sep

TikTok comedian has a rather wholesome trip in Las Vegas.

Tōth: No Reason

8 Sep

Music video created by Amanda Bonaiuto.

Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase (1992)

6 Sep

Joan C. Gratz won an Oscar for the Best Animated Short Film for this in 1993. The technique used is clay painting.

Further – AI Animation – Disco Diffusion (vid by Jas Black)

5 Sep

Still more AI animations to keep your mind buzzing

Dream Sequence feat. Reza Hasni – Currents FM x Leisure System

4 Sep

Zia Cora – Submarines (zia x aza)

3 Sep

AI generated psychedelic video.

Submarines’ is a project of zia x aza, a collaboration between musician Zia Cora and artist Aza Raskin. The music video for Submarines was created by Aza Raskin in less than 48 hours using AI techniques published in the opening of 2022. Learn about the making of the video at

Louis Prince – The Number Thirteen

2 Sep

Really cool animation by Joel Plosz

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