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John Hickman – Cascade – official animated music video

Spectacular psychedelic video to a song by John Hickman.

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Psychedelia in Film – Supercut

Who doesn’t love a psychedelic supercut? Especially when it’s of some of the best psychedelic shots in all of cinema!

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Sean Capone: synaesthetics

Excerpts of four videos influenced by abstract painterly ideas of ‘visual music’, the translation of sonic emotions into visual forms and colors. The videos do not have a soundtrack.

1. Polychrome Variations
2. Synchromy #2
3. Tempest in a Teadance
4. Tidal SimPhony

The visuals were created using a combination of 2D animation and generative 3D applications.

psychedelic animation

Georges Schwizgebel: Fugue (1998)

We are kicking off a deep dive into the amazing free-flying animation filmography of Georges Schwizgebel. Previously we have only featured Jeu (2006), but in the coming weeks you will get to enjoy several selected works right up DPV’s alley.

Fugue throws us into an ominous, lost-in-thought looping mindscape. The music is composed by Michèle Bokanowski.