19 Jan



By: tadeush


One Response to “…over…”

  1. Joseph Tracy January 24, 2017 at 7:43 am #

    it seems to me like artificial intelligence as a kind of hell where only machine like forms exist and all life forms are mere heads rigidified and reduced to passing visual impressions of the world they have chosen. It is not a world I would want to inhabit without an exit button: no touch, no indication of smell or taste, monotonous electro-muzak, no sense of thought, no play, no interactivity, no plants, no weather. It is too complete an exit from animal existence but haunted by human heads which seem to exist isolated and unmoving, encased in their own paraphernalia.
    Many of the forms are stunningly complex and visually engaging , I particularly like the braided and DNA like helical forms.

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