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Space Harrier

25 Aug

Sega’s Space Harrier is of the ancestors of Rez and a damned fine and trippy game in its own right.

PuLiRuLa – Lysergic Brawler

18 Aug

This is NOT a mod or a glitched or otherwise altered game. It is actually an arcade game known as PuLiRuLa or Pu-Li-Ru-La Arcade Gears that was released by the Japanese video game publisher TAITO (of Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble fame) in 1991. Believe it or not – it was even brought to North America in the same year.

The video above shows only the game’s 3rd round which is of a “lysergic” madness I would not have expected from an officially released video game. But the rest of the game is also crazy psychedelic and very beautiful, so I have included the first part of a playthrough underneath.

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